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Lemon Tangerine and Cinnamon Natural Bar 150g

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We're putting the care back into skincare

Wrap your skin in the refreshing and citrusy scent from the blend of organic, pure essential oils in this natural soap bar.

  • Rich lather 
  • Traditionally made, with 100% coconut oil 
  • # 1 Ethical Best Buy, as voted by the Ethical Consumer Magazine - see here for details 
  • Suitable for use in pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Certified Fair Trade, COSMOS Organic, Cruelty Free and Vegan
  • No palm oil 

For more product details and ingredients, see here. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Louise W. (United Kingdom)

These soaps are a game-changer! So super-soft that there is no need for shower gel (yay! Less plastic). Also, these soaps have the most wonderful smells. Enjoy, everyone! X

Thank you Louise! It is great to hear how much you are enjoying Lucy Bee soaps! I agree - I have replaced my plastic bottles of soap and body wash and only use Lucy Bee soap bars now. Our soap bars contain zero palm oil, and are traditionally made with 100% coconut oil. Thank you for your 5* review, and for recommending! Rian

Laura W. (United Kingdom)
The best soap

I love this soap so much. It smells amazing. The perfect start to any skincare routine. I can’t recommend enough.

Thank you Laura, we are so pleased that you are loving our tangerine soap! Not only does this have a wonderful scent from pure, organic essential oils - it is also certified Fair Trade, COSMOS Organic, Cruelty Free and Vegan. Thank you for 5 stars, Rian

AUre (France)
Love the product, unfortunately soap box was damaged and discoloured on arrival.

I bought this as a birthday present and unfortunately I couldnt use it as such, as the corners of the soap box were damaged and discoloured on arrival. It looked like it had been sat on a shelf for some time, moved around lots or even sent back as a return. The soap itself was fine, just could have been given a fresh box before dispatching. I felt it didnt look new enough to be used as a gift.

I've kept for myself, love the product as always with any Lucy Bee product, good quality. Just a shame the attention to detail in the packaging went a miss this time round.

Hi, thank you for sharing your comments. We are so pleased that you enjoy using our our soap, but we are very sorry to hear that the soap box arrived damaged and that you did not give this as a gift because of this. Please do always feel free to contact us directly to give us the opportunity to resolve any issues. We apologise again, and thank you for your support. If you would like to chat further, please email us hello@lucybee.com. Kind regards, Rian

Customer (United Kingdom)
Crumbly soap

I’ve had many bars over the last 2-3 years (along with many other products in the range. Did the soap bar formulation change? Last couple of batches don’t seem to last as long and the bars break up sooner than they used to.
Still love them and all the other products we’ve had from Lucy Bee.

Hi, thank you for your feedback. We are very sorry to hear that you found your bar of soap to be crumbly. So sorry to hear this but I can confirm that the formulation hasn’t changed at all and I’m afraid I’m unsure why you’ve found this to be the case. I hope you continue to enjoy using Lucy Bee products. Rian

Helen G. (United Kingdom)
Good soap, but wrapped in plastic.

Really like the soap, lathers well but it’s a shame the bars come wrapped in plastic as I have bought other brands of bar soap that don’t use plastic packaging.

Hi Helen, thank you for your feedback. We are so pleased that you are enjoying our soap.

Like you, we aim to be as ethical and environmentally friendly as we possibly can and this includes avoiding plastic where at all possible. Soaps are normally made from palm oil and a soap made wholly from coconut oil, as ours is, is uncommon. This unique formula means the soap can sweat, which presents something of a challenge to us in storing it and is the reason why we use a recyclable PP plastic sachet/flow wrap, which we then pack in an FSC recyclable, compostable and biodegradable card carton. This flow wrap not only protects the unique formulation of our soaps but it also prolongs the scent of the essential oils.

As with all of our products, we thoroughly research all viable packaging options available to us and always opt for that which is the most eco-friendly. We have to run stability testing on packaging, and see whether it is fit for purpose, for example some that we’ve trialled rip easily when handled, which isn’t an option.

This is an area that we passionately care about and, as a small business, we are doing our very best. Our full range is palm oil free, certified vegan and cruelty free and in addition our soaps are not only COSMOS Organic but are also Fair Trade. Thank you very much for your feedback, and for your support.

I have attached a blog below with more info on our soap, I hope this is useful. If you have any questions, please do get in touch.Rian


JessF (United Kingdom)
Best soap ever!

Not only does this soap smell delicious but it doesn’t dry your hands either. I’ve recommended this soap to all my friends and family.

Thank you Jess, we are so pleased that you enjoy using Lucy Bee soap! As you say, it's hydrating and smells delicious! I love being able to cut down on having plastic bottles of soap. Thank you for your review, and for recommending. Rian

Barbara R. (United Kingdom)
My first ever review of soap!!!

Given to me last year as a Christmas present, to which I thought, “Soap!! What a boring present!” but 4 bars later I am buying my own. It really is that good, rich in lather, gorgeous smell and natural ingredients. Love it!

Hi Barbara, thank you very much for sharing your feedback with us. We are so pleased to hear how much you enjoy using Lucy Bee soap bars, and that you have gone on to purchase after receiving as a gift. As you say, they have such a luxurious lather - and it's great cutting down on plastic bottles of soap. Thank you for your feedback, Rian

Sian W. (United Kingdom)
Lovely soap

First time I’ve ordered. Really nice soap. I love citrus products. Good size bar. Prompt delivery!

Thank you Sian, we are so pleased to hear how much you enjoyed using our soap. I love that it is palm oil free, and it's great cutting down on plastic bottles of hand soap. Thank you very much for sharing your feedback, Rian

KMc (United Kingdom)
Rich creamy lather with great smell

Love this soap and especially the fact it’s so creamy and smells amazing.
Lasts ages and leaves your skin soft and hydrated

Thank you for sharing your 5* review, we are so pleased that you are enjoying your Lucy Bee soap! The refreshing and citrusy scent is from a blend of organic, pure essential oils in this natural soap bar. Thank you for your feedback, Rian

Maddison D. (United Kingdom)
100% couldn’t live without this

My underarms are so sensitive and kept flaring up using normal bath products. I decided to switch over to something natural and my friend suggested to use Lucy Bee. I checked the site out and bought the bar of soaps and natural deodorant. My skin has improved so much and the deodorant is so long lasting I absolutely love these products!

Hi Maddison, thank you very much for taking the time to send us your fabulous feedback. We are so happy to hear how much you enjoy using the Lucy Bee soap bars and deodorant! I agree with you, it is great to be able to use natural ingredients, and avoid using any unnecessary nasties with products that are used daily. Thank you for your review, Rian