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Tan Drops and Vitamin C Serum

Tan Drops and Vitamin C Serum

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We're putting the care back into skincare

Glow every way you can with this set. Ease the signs of ageing, brighten your complexion and protect and nourish your skin, all with a dash of the most natural looking fake tan you can get your hands on. Combine that with our Illuminating Super Serum and everyone will want to know how to get a glow like yours.  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sarah L. (United Kingdom)

Love my serum and tan drops. Tried others and none as good as Lucy Bee.

Louisa F. (United Kingdom)
A loyal customer

Following Lucy Bee from the days of just coconut oil, I was so thrilled when she finally got her beauty range off the ground. It far exceeded my expectations, as a 47 year old who doesn’t have an extensive beauty care regime or wears much make up, her products make my skin look fabulous and I have the confidence in my my own skin. Thank you Lucy Bee, you are amazing!

Rachael A.
Amazing little combo

I finally feel confident leaving the house with no makeup! I mix the vitamin C and tan drops together every other day and use the vitamin C alone on the days in between. It is a serious game changer. No false tan smell and the most amazing soft glowing skin…. I love this product. Thank you Lucy Bee

Hi Rachael, It is wonderful to hear that you are feeling more confident with your skin since using Lucy Bee! Thank you for sharing this feedback with us all. I agree, mixing the Tan Drops and Vitamin C Serum gives the ultimate glow! Thank you for your support, Rian

Kayleigh T. (United Kingdom)

Fab products! My skin is looking glowing after only a week of using. The tan drops are brilliant. No sticky feeling or awful smells. Fresh tan when I wake up and it doesn’t make my skin break out. A must buy!

Thank you Kayleigh, it is wonderful to hear how much you are enjoying our Glow Getter bundle. Our Vitamin C Super Serum used with our tanning drops will ease the signs of ageing, brighten your complexion and protect and nourish your skin! It is great to hear these have been suitable with your skin. thank you for recommending. Rian

Ems (United Kingdom)
I’m loving these products 😊

I have used so many different products but Lucy Bee is suitable for my skin and will always be buying from this site now. Can’t thank you enough for the range it has made a difference. 😊

Thank you very much for sharing your 5* feedback with us. It is fantastic to hear how much you are enjoying the tan drop and serum duo.. I love how well these mix together to give a natural glow. Thank you for your review, Rian