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The Full Works

The Full Works

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We're putting the care back into skincare

Get radiant, glowing skin with just one click.

To save you having to search through the range, we’ve put all our skincare and fake tanning products here in one place leaving you more time to spend on….well whatever you fancy!

And did you know these are all unisex as well as formulated for all ages, as explained by this happy customer, "Game changing products. Transformed my 50 year old skin and my 16 year old daughter's. No nasty chemicals, or overpowering scent."


This Collection is:

  • Suitable for use in pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Palm Oil Free
  • Certified Vegan & Cruelty Free
  • Made in the UK

Due to the SPF 30 Face Serum being in this collection, unfortunately, we are unable to ship this to USA. You can buy all the other products separately.

Click on each product name above for full product details, how to use and ingredients.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Mrs W. (Tanzania)
Fabulous Ethical Skincare

By buying the full works it meant that I could seamlessly change over to these amazing ethical products easily. They feel great on my skin and I feel happier knowing so much about how they are made. My hero products are the face wash, brilliant balm, self tan drops, SPF30 and mask. I would really love a towelling head band to be included in this set or to be sold separately.

Yasmin M. (United Kingdom)
The Full Works

I am so happy with every single product in The Full Works package. For face, body and overall skincare, I love the smell, consistency and textures of every product.
The body scrub as well as the tanning serum and mousse are awesome, for amazing soft and healthy glowing skin.
My absolute favourite is the cleanser, toner and moisturer which I have used for 2 years now. So sad by products and great value for money, I highly recommend these natural, luxurious products for anyone looking to feel healthy and glow! 😀

Hi Yasmin, thank you for taking the time to share your wonderful feedback with us all! We are thrilled to hear how much you are enjoying Lucy Bee skincare, and appreciate you recommending us. Did you know that we give VIBee credits for reviews with product selfies? If you are happy for us to share your image, please send your review above with a selfie to If we use this on our website or main page of socials, we will credit your VIBee account as a thank you. Rian x

Karen E. (United Kingdom)
Highly delighted

I dithered about switching my skincare to LB because, having very sensitive, eczema prone skin I'm very careful what I use. My only regret is that I didn't switch sooner. The textures are lovely and a real joy to use. My skin loves it and I really look forward to using it.

Hi Karen, thank you so much for sharing your 5* feedback! It is wonderful to hear how much you are enjoying Lucy Bee products! Our products are effective, ethical and completely palm oil free. We are so pleased that these have been suitable with your eczema, our skincare is nourishing and hydrating. We love to share feedback like this, it is especially helpful for others with eczema to read. If you are happy for us to share your image, please send your review above with a before and/or after photo to If we use this on our shop or socials, we will send you VIB credits as a thank you! Kind regards, Rian

STACEY (United Kingdom)
All the works

Simply amazing! Some many comments on how healthy I look!

Hi Stacey, thank you very much for your 5* review. We are so happy to hear that you are enjoying your Lucy Bee products, thank you for sharing your feedback with us. Rian

Roy T. (United Kingdom)
Amazing products

Bought there for the ladies in our house and they absolutely love them. They like especially that they are natural ingredients, responsibly sourced and palm oil free. You have 3 new customers for life.

Hi Roy, thank you so much for sharing this lovely feedback! It is wonderful to hear how much everyone in your house is enjoying the Lucy Bee products! Our products are effective, ethical and completely palm oil free. We thoroughly research all packaging options to ensure we use the most environmentally-friendly options available. Thank you for your support, Rian

Joanna F.

Game changing products. Transformed my 50 year old skin and my 16 yo daughter’s. No nasty chemicals or overpowering scent. We both use tanning drops, natural colour, easy to apply and great result.

Molly O.

Worth every penny, I’d say the best early Christmas present to myself!

Charlotte S.

I have wanted to purchase the skincare items since they launched and I finally treated myself to the full works. I’ve always had a good skincare routine, using brands such as Tropic and Liz Earl, but I’ve always been a huge fan of coconut oil and thought these products ticked all my boxes. I was so excited to receive my package and couldn’t wait to get using it all. I’ve now been using it all for about 3 weeks and have had to give up. My skin had gone from being clear to having big, sore spots that took days to clear. I had blackheads all over my cheeks, which is something I’ve never suffered with before. I stopped using the toner first as I thought it may be due to that, but it continued even without using it. Unfortunately I just think the products are too heavy for my skin. I’ve stopped using them for 4 days and my skin is almost back to normal but I’m so disappointed that they didn’t suit me. I understand that it is possible to have had ‘purging’ but i think this was more just the product not being suitable for my skin type.
As a side note, the tanning items are lovely and I’m really happy with those, but for how I reacted to the skincare items I won’t be purchasing them again

Amy L.

Beautiful products. They arrived on time and in packaging that is all recyclable / biodegradable. The products themselves are beautiful to use and my skin feels great. Time will tell if they help my skin problems - but I’m hopeful.