Ingredient Spotlight: Squalane

Squalane is an amazing ingredient to include in skincare products because it locks in moisture helping to improve skin firmness and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 

What is squalane?  

Squalane is derived from squalene, so let’s first look at squalene. 

Squalene, is a fat-soluble, natural component of plant, animal and human skin sebum. It is an antioxidant and oxidises quickly, meaning it has a short shelf-life. This is where squalane steps in…  

Squalane has a lighter consistency than squalene and is much more stable, with a longer shelf life. As an individual ingredient, it is good for dry, oily, combo and acne prone skin and is completely weightless when applied. It is known as an emollient, which means it helps soften and soothe skin.  

The natural levels of squalene in your skin start to decrease from your late 20’s/early 30’s, so it’s a good idea to use products that include this, or its derivatives such as squalane. 

squalane eye serum with vitamin A

Benefits of Squalane  

    • Highly effective emollient and natural antioxidant 
    • Can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles
    • Locks moisture into your skin, preventing moisture loss 
    • Helps with skin suppleness  
    • Improves skin firmness and brightness 
    • Skin-protecting
    • Penetrates into the skin to nourish and condition  

Squalane and Hyaluronic acid – the benefits 

Including these two ingredients in your skincare products will really help hydrate (hyaluronic acid) and lock in moisture (squalane) to quench dry skin.  

hydrating body cream for dry skin with squalane

Which Lucy Bee products contain squalane? 

Our Brilliant Balm contains squalane and is a rich, luxurious balm to cleanser and deep-conditioning treatment. It is particularly suited to dry and mature skin. You can find our Brilliant Balm here.

Our Hydra-Bod Body Cream is an ultra-hydrating body cream that contains squalane to hydrate and nourish the skin. It works well to hydrate the skin on your body, after all your body deserves the same TLC you give your face, shop our Hydra-Bod here.

Our Vitamin A Anti-Ageing Eye Serum contains squalane and helps to prevent the signs of ageing by helping with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and helping to restore skin firmness. Shop our Vitamin A Anti-Ageing Eye Serum here.

Our Moringa & Pineapple Enzyme Face Mask is an enzyme mask with the inclusion of squalane which helps to increase cell renewal and leaves skin feeling softer, smoother and hydrated. Perfect for those with mature or sensitive skin. Shop our Moringa & Pineapple Enzyme Face Mask here.

squalane in our pineapple enzyme face mask

About Lucy Bee

Lucy Bee is a lifestyle brand selling food, skincare and soap products all completely free from palm oil and with minimal use of plastic. Lucy Bee is concerned with Fair Trade, organic, ethical and sustainable living, recycling and empowering people to make informed choices and select quality, natural products for their food and their skin.

Any information provided by us is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. We always recommend referring your health queries to a qualified medical practitioner.

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