The Lucy Bee Story


I’m Lucy, the person behind the brand’s name. We are a small, UK-based, privately-owned family business and it was named Lucy Bee because I was diagnosed coeliac at 18 months old, which meant my parents had to completely change the way we ate. They had to constantly check labels and cooking from scratch became the norm in our house. This naturally made us interested in our health and wellbeing from the inside out.

We originally started with organic, Fair Trade Coconut Oil. We soon added to our range to include products which we love and use for a healthy and natural lifestyle, always following our ethical principles of organic and Fair Trade ingredients where possible, working with like-minded suppliers, who support our values.



Respect and concern for others and the environment are at the heart of the Lucy Bee ethos, including using recyclable packaging and minimising our use of plastic.

I am a CIBTAC Beauty Therapist and have always been interested in not only what I put into my body but also what I put onto it. Working in spas and salons meant I was introduced to many different products and all sorts of ingredients I had never heard of or could pronounce. It made me realise what was actually in a lot of products we use and to question the fact that these were being absorbed into my body, through my skin.

I started to create my own products and I loved the fact that I knew exactly what I was putting on my skin and that the products were completely natural. The skincare range followed on from this so that I could share these products and my passion with others. With our emphasis on being ethical and caring for the environment, a major point with developing the skincare range was to make sure that the products would be free from palm oil, including any derivatives of palm oil. 

This has taken time and perseverance, but I believe in sticking to our values and am so happy that we have finally achieved our goal.

All of our beauty products are manufactured in the UK and are certified Vegan, and Cruelty Free. Additionally, our Soap bars are certified Fair Trade. It’s these ethics that are at the foundation of everything that we do.

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Lucy x