Festival Season with Lucy Bee

Oh, and Lucy Bee Came Too!

Hi, I’m Georgia and I look after the PR at Lucy Bee which is great as I get to work with my good friend Lucy! As we are in the midst of festival season, I thought I’d re share my blog from last year at Glastonbury and let you know how my little jar of Lucy Bee became a wonder product for all of us over the weekend.

The last thing someone might expect to take to a festival is a jar of coconut oil. BUT it has a lot more uses in the mud, rain (and sometimes sunshine) than you’d probably ever expect. Bear with me here…

Off to Glastonbury We Go

I took my jar of Lucy Bee to Glastonbury last year and over the weekend I was becoming the joke of the group - but by the end, they soon changed their mind.

The answer to any of my friends’ questions was always Lucy Bee Coconut Oil - I was being 100% serious but I think when they chimed in, it was with a little more sarcasm than sincerity. Initially, they were pretty fed up of my solution always being "Lucy Bee" (even though they know I was right)!

In fact, I know I was right, I’ve got the messages to prove it. I had message after message from those same friends telling me they’ve used their Lucy Bee to fix their chapped lips and their blistered feet and their knotty, dry hair! (Messages as above and right, with names blanked out for fear of embarrassing them) 2-0 to me!

So here is how I used my Lucy Bee in the 4 days I was (literally) stuck in that muddy field in the middle of Pilton. This year's revellers were more fortunate with the weather!

My 'Festival Saver'


Of course this was my first use every morning and most nights (sometimes it wasn’t possible to keep my routine up when I’d had one too many drinks).

By the end of the weekend, my friends' skin was looking dull and dry from the mud and ever-changing weather conditions. So, on Sunday a good slab of my Lucy Bee Coconut Oil on their arms and legs was really refreshing.

My skin felt pretty tip-top all weekend despite being in the middle of the apocalypse that was taking place around me!

Plus, I left a light aroma of coconuts everywhere I went rather than the musty tent smell that most others were leaving behind them.

Make-up Remover

This was an easy one – I do this at home to take my make-up off anyway. I rub a bit of coconut oil into my eyelashes and face and then I wipe it off with cotton pads. This is so simple and leaves your skin hydrated rather than dried out by face wipes.

Oil Pulling

I won’t lie, oil pulling isn’t my favourite thing to do, partly because I get really bored and end up wanting to talk to someone mid-oil pull.

Anyway, by Sunday I felt grubby after all the food and drink consumed so I had a quick oil pull (with my friend who happens to be a dentist) that morning and it did actually make me feel a bit fresher. Brushing your teeth all weekend outside the side door of your tent isn’t ideal so this definitely helped my mouth to feel a bit cleaner.

Lip Balm

I carried a tiny tub of Lucy Bee around with me in my bum bag as the wind really does dry your lips out when you’re in the open air all day and night. This kept my lips from chapping and also tasted delicious! Win-win!


And last but definitely not least – the best way we used our Lucy Bee was for… GLITTER

Yet Another Use for my Lucy Bee Coconut Oil

So it came to the most important part of the day...... After we’d visited the portaloos and trudged through the mud back to our tent, taken off our wellies and got our hands and arms covered in mud again in the process – what better way to make ourselves feel magical than to pour tonnes of glitter on our face?

Of course, nobody thought to bring any adhesive to actually stick the glitter on to our face, so, you've guessed it...we used coconut oil!! We dabbed a tiny bit on to our face where we wanted the glitter to be, poured the glitter on and TA-DA! It stuck all day and moisturised our face in the process – another win win!

There are some other ways that Lucy Bee might come in handy while you’re at (or after you come back from) a festival. These are some ways the team use Lucy Bee and also some tips we’ve had sent in from our followers:

  • Dodgy zips – a little of Lucy Bee helps zips to glide a bit easier if they get stuck in dry mud, etc.
  • Deodorant
  • Shaving cream
  • Conditioning treatment for hands/feet
  • Conditioning treatment for hair
  • After sun soother

Hopefully I’ve persuaded a few of you to take your Lucy Bee Coconut Oil with you to the next festival you go to. I PROMISE you will find a lot of uses for it – and if you find any more then please let us know, we love to hear the ways everyone is using their Lucy Bee!



Hi I’m Georgia, Lucy’s friend, and I look after all things PR for Lucy Bee. I’ve seen the company grow (as a friend and an employee) from the very first day they imported their coconut oil, right up until now.

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Members of the Lucy Bee team are not medically trained and can only offer their best advice. Any information provided by us is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Please note you should always refer your health queries to a qualified medical practitioner.

Lucy Bee is a lifestyle brand selling food, skincare and soap products all completely free from palm oil and with minimal use of plastic. Lucy Bee is concerned with Fair Trade, organic, ethical and sustainable living, recycling and empowering people to make informed choices and select quality, natural products for their food and their skin.

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