Tips for Looking After Teen Skin

Creating a skincare routine for teens and tweens may appear daunting. Puberty is often the first time teens are dealing with acne, blackheads, dry patches, and hormonal fluctuations, which can cause anxiety around self-esteem. However, it's best not to overthink or go overboard with skin care for this age group. Teen and adolescent skin really needs only a three-step routine: cleansing, moisturising, and applying SPF. Once they have those basics down, you can look at targeted ingredients for specific skin needs. 

Skincare for teen skin

Here are some tips for what to look at doing and what to avoid  


  • Clean the skin daily with a gentle cleanser – once a day is enough for most 
  • Moisturise with a natural, light formula  
  • Apply SPF daily as the last step in skincare routine 
  • Focus on skin health 
  • Learn about the skin and its functions if you are interested in how the skin works and the importance of looking after your skin barrier 
  • Drink water and incorporate fresh fruit and vegetables into your diet – these are equally important for both your overall health and the well-being of your skin 
  • Get a good night's sleep 
  • Ask the company if the products are suitable and what they recommend 
  • Keep in mind that on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, images are often filtered, edited, and airbrushed. These may not reflect reality, so it's important not to compare your skin to what you see online 
  • Be kind and gentle with your skin, skin changes all the time
  • Seek medical advice if you need professional help with your skin  
  • Avoid strong actives such as retinol, vitamin c, acids and peels 
  • Talk to someone if you are struggling with your skin. Skin plays a big part in our mental health and wellbeing, so it is important to talk if you are struggling 
  • Regularly wash makeup brushes/pillowcases/muslin cloths  

Skincare suitable for teen skin


  • Over clean/cleanse the skin – stripping the skin barrier of its natural oils and goodness can cause irritation and sensitivity 
  • Use products with fragrance, dyes and alcohol  
  • Pick spots – it can lead to bacteria causing infection and scarring 
  • Sleep in your makeup 
  • Over complicate your routine  
  • Don't follow the crowd. Be aware of following trends without advice  
  • Copy your friends with what they are using without looking into the product yourself – all skin is different  
  • Use too many products at once and introduce other products all together, focus on a cleanser and moisturiser and sticking to them  

Final thoughts

Sticking to a consistent, effective skincare routine will help the skin and improve any concerns. The Lucy Bee range is dermatologically tested and suitable for sensitive skin, gentle, yet effective and majority of products are fragrance free.

Use products that are needed, not trending. 

Using gentle actives that are needed is ok. 

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