Changes to the Skin During Pregnancy

 Like all pregnancies differ from person to person, the same thing applies to the skin.  

Some people find their skin looks healthier, fuller and brighter (pregnancy glow) while others may find their skin is more sensitive – and can experience such things as dryness, redness, more prone to acne on the face, neck and back even it’s never been an issue previously. Another skin condition that can occur during pregnancy is pigmentation - darker areas on the skin due to hyperpigmentation. The reason for the change in the skin’s complexion is down to hormonal changes and extra blood flow.  

changes to the skin during pregnancy

With the body, some people can find they feel more swollen, this is due to the body retaining more fluid. This can affect the face, hands, ankles and feet. The skin can feel itchy as your skin stretches – this usually happens over the stomach and breasts. Stretch marks are common and some people get something called a linea nigra which is a dark line on the lower abdomen.  


A breakdown of each skin concern; 

Stretch Marks 

Red, pink or purple lines that appear mostly on the stomach, breasts and hips.  


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Linea Nigra  

A darkened vertical line which is in the middle of the belly. It can look different on everyone, and it fades after the baby is born.  



Dark patches on the face can appear. This is usually common on the forehead and cheeks which is due to an increase of pigmentation, and this is due to the increase of hormones. 

changes to the skin during pregnancy soothe and hydrate skin 


Extra hormones can change the skin and cause acne on the face, neck and body. This is down to the extra hormones in your body producing more oil which can cause breakouts, it can also be down to the sensitivity caused by the hormonal changes.  



A common skin condition which is also known as atopic dermatitis can develop in pregnancy, this causes dry, scaly, itchy, red skin.  


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A common skin condition that can get worse during pregnancy. Rosacea can cause facial flushing, particularly across the cheeks, nose and chin.  


If you are unsure we always recommend speaking to your health care practitioner for personalised advice 

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