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Spearmint Basil and Clove Exfoliating Natural Bar 150g

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Our Spearmint, Basil and Clove Exfoliating Natural Soap bar is traditionally made with 100% coconut oil and uses our Extra Virgin Fair Trade Organic Raw Coconut Oil.

It includes crushed coconut shell in the soap to naturally exfoliate (note this is different to the Coconut Shell Soap Dish) and we’ve chosen this particular blend of organic, pure essential oils for their refreshing scent.

  • SILVER Award from the 2019 Free From Skincare Awards
  • # 1 Ethical Best Buy, as voted by the Ethical Consumer Magazine - see here for details
  • No palm oil or any derivatives of palm oil
  • Vegan
  • COSMOS organic
  • Cruelty Free
  • Fair Trade
  • Produced in the UK, by a company originally set up to provide employment and opportunity in an otherwise deprived area

Like all of our Soaps, this lathers really easily when rubbed between wet hands and can be used on the body as often as required. As with all soaps, avoid contact with eyes and if you should get some in your eyes, rinse thoroughly with clean water.

No Palm Oil

Many soaps list palm oil in their ingredients but we choose not to use it in ours, even sustainable palm oil, due to its negative impact on the environment, habitat, animals and eco-systems.

There’s hardly a day goes by without reading in the press about deforestation for palm oil production and the fact that the very existence of orangutans is threatened because of this.

Many ingredients used in skincare include a derivative of palm oil, and it’s not always obvious that it’s been used. For example, some emulsifiers are sourced from either palm oil or coconut and the manufacturer of the emulsifier may not differentiate the source. We can confirm that no palm oil or derivatives of palm oil are used in any of our products.

How Soap is Made

The traditional way of making soap is by saponification – a chemical reaction between two natural ingredients: a fat (coconut oil) and a strong alkali (such as sodium hydroxide).

This ancient and original way of producing soap is exactly how Lucy Bee Soap is made. We use sustainable, natural ingredients rather than petroleum and synthetic and artificial ingredients, which is the way many beauty and cleansing bars are created.

The process involved in making our Soap is as follows:

  1. Coconut oil is mixed with sodium hydroxide, an alkali, during a process known as saponification which creates a stable soap base to form into pellet shapes, called soap noodles.

  2. The pure, organic, essential oils and crushed coconut shell are added, where applicable and mixed into the soap noodles.
  3. The soap noodles pass through a machine to form one continuous block, which is then cut into smaller, individual soap bars.
  4. Our logo is stamped into each bar and then checked to make sure each bar is perfect.
  5. The individual bars are now wrapped in recyclable flow wrap, to keep each bar fresh, before being placed into its own recyclable, biodegradable box, ready for you to choose.

Lucy Bee Soap is Free From:

  • Palm oil – has environmental issues and adversely affects local livelihoods
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) – can strip skin of its natural oils
  • Artificial fragrances
  • Preservatives
  • Petroleum


To protect the unique formulation of our soaps and to prolong the scent of the essential oils (where applicable), these need to be wrapped in a recyclable PP plastic sachet/flow wrap, which we then pack in an FSC recyclable, compostable and biodegradable card carton.

Soaps are normally made from palm oil and a soap made wholly from coconut oil, as ours is, is uncommon.

With its better foaming and lathering qualities than soaps made with palm oil, this unique formula means the soap can sweat, which presents something of a challenge to us in storing it, hence the use of flow wrap. Please be assured that the packaging weight is minimised,

We always aim to avoid plastic and to be as environmentally-friendly as we can - this is an area that we passionately care about and, as a small business, we are doing our very best. We are working on trials using a new biodegradable flow wrap, which we hope to use for future productions.


  1. Being made of coconut oil, will this soap clog the drains?

Our Soap manufacturer confirms, “The coconut oil in the soaps will not clog drains as it is carried away by the soap suds in rinsing."

2. Are Lucy Bee Soaps nut free?

Our range of soaps are nut and peanut free in their ingredients. However, they are produced in an environment which uses nut oils (such as almond oil and argan oil, for example) for other brands’ soaps and whilst the production line is cleaned thoroughly before our Soaps are made, this production line is not cleaned to food grade standard.

We would always advise to err on the side of caution and if in doubt, do a small patch test on skin before using our Soaps.

3. Is the glycerin in your Soaps from palm oil?

No, it isn’t. The glycerin in the Lucy Bee Soap isn’t actually added, it is created by the reaction of the base chemical on coconut oil.

Saponification is the process where a fat is treated with an alkali which is the traditional way to produce soap. Coconut oil contains medium-chain triglycerides, such as lauric acid, capric acid, caprylic acid and myristic acid, and these are converted to glycerin.

Rest assured, there is no palm oil in our Soap, and we would never use it in any Lucy Bee product.

4. Can I use this soap on my face?

We don’t recommend using our Soap on your face. The purpose of soap is to remove dirt, grime and oil from the skin. Though our Soaps are natural, if you were to use these on your face, over time it could be harsh on the face. The skin here is thinner than the rest of your body and can become sensitive.

We have a skincare range out which is dermatologically approved, and this is our recommended option for use on your face.

5. What is the significance of the essential oils being organic?

All the essential oils used in the Lucy Bee product range are Certified Organic oils sourced from all over the world. Being Organically Certified means, all of the plant raw materials required for oil production are sustainably cultivated and monitored by certifying bodies from seed all the way through to the oil. Being Certified will also mean that no nasty pesticides are being used and therefore there would be minimal impact on insects’ and bees’ life cycle and habitats.


  • Sodium Cocoate 
  • Aqua (Water)
  • Glycerin
  • Coconut Acid
  • Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil
  • Sodium Citrate
  • Sodium Chloride
  • Parfum
  • Mentha Spicata (Spearmint) Oil
  • Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Shell Powder
  • Limonene
  • Ocimum Basilicum (Sweet Basil) Oil
  • Linalool
  • Eugenol
  • Eugenia Caryophyllata (Clove) Bud Oil

Our Soap is NOT tested on animals. It is:

  • Vegan
  • Fair Trade
  • Palm Oil Free

Before using any of our soaps, we recommend doing a small patch test on your skin since we’re all different and what suits one person, may not suit another.

    4.87 Average

    61 Reviews

    Kelly G

    I love this soap so much. When trying to move away from plastic laden shower gels, soap is a great alternative but they can be quite drying for the skin. Not this one though, moisturising, lathers up great, nice amount of exfoliation and best of all is the smell. It smells like spearmint chews my mum used to get me as a kid.

    Hi Kelly, thank you for your 5* review! I agree, this soap is my favourite from the collection and it smells divine! We hope you enjoy trying the others too. Thanks, Rian

    Katherine R

    Zoe W

    Just the right amount of exfoliation, my skin feels clean, refreshed and smooth after use in the shower.

    Thank you Zoe for the 5* review! This is my favourite of the Lucy Bee Bar Soaps! I love the fragrance and the gentle exfoliation too! Thank you, Rian

    Susan N

    A great exfoliator and an amazing scent.

    Hi Susan, thank you for your review. I agree, this is my favourite bar as it smells so amazing - organic, pure essential oils are used for their refreshing scent. Thank you, Rian

    Alexis D

    Having tried loads of natural and organic soaps I'm yet to find one that isn't drying, however this Lucy Bee one is AMAZING!! I've even converted my husband from buying cheap shower gels. Its so creamy and lathers up really easily. I also love the exfoliating properties. Gorgeous scent too, and not overpowering.

    This is great to hear Alexis, thank you! This bar won Silver at the 2019 Free From Skincare Awards (and our Fragrance Free won Gold), and uses crushed coconut shell to exfoliate skin, leaving it soft and moisturised. Like all of our soaps, it's free from palm oil and is certified Vegan, COSMOS Organic and Cruelty Free. I've switched to our soap bars having used shower gels for years and love how effective these are plus reducing plastic in the home. Petrina

    Alison W

    This soap is beautiful and lathers up SO nicely, and doesn't dry out the skin! I've used so many other soaps that make my skin so dry/itchy but not this one, really good quality product :)

    Thank you for your feedback, it's great to know how much you are enjoying the exfoliating soap bar. This bar won SILVER Award from the 2019 Free From Skincare Awards, and is # 1 Ethical Best Buy, as voted by the Ethical Consumer Magazine. Thank you, Rian

    Kate C

    I tried the Spearmint Basic Exfoliator bar of soap recently and was totally blown over by how amazing it is. Smells heavenly, gently exfoliates with the tiny bits of coconut shell in there. My skins smells delicious and couldn't be softer.


    This is my favourite soap and I regularly buy it and even give as gifts to family and friends. Smells beautifully!

    Anika B

    Great smell and it's not too rough for an exfoliating bar. Skin is left soft.


    Andrea W

    Amazing product, one bar doesn’t last very long for £9 is the only negative as I rate the product a 5!

    HI Andrea, Thank you for your feedback and I'm sorry to hear that it didn't last you long. The bar is 150g so should last for some time, though like everything, it depends on how mush it's used, for example if washing off sun cream then you'd use more! This particular soap won Silver at the 2019 Free From Skincare Awards, which we're thrilled about and, like all of our soaps, is free from palm oil and is certified Vegan, Fair Trade, COSMOS Organic and Cruelty Free. We use crushed coconut shell as the exfoliant. Petrina

    Sarah J


    Love the smell and feel of this soap

    Thank you for your review, and it's great to hear that you like our Spearmint Basil and Cloves Exfoliating soap! Daisy


    very nice products but the exfoliating bar only lasted for 3 showers so made it an expensive purchase.

    Thank you for taking the time to leave a review, and we're glad to hear that you like the soaps. Really surprised to hear this, as the bar 150g and should last a lot longer than this, in the 2019 Free From Skincare Awards those that tested the soaps were impressed with how long it lasted and maintained its shape, our Spearmint Exfoliating Soap won Silver, and our Fragrance Free won Gold, due to this as well as how they left the skin feeling, and how well they lathered. Daisy

    Alexandra H

    Love this soap! Smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling really soft after each use! Will be sticking to using this from now on. Also love that it is vegan, cruelty free and palm oil free. Thank you

    Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a brilliant review, Alexandra. It's great to hear that you love our Spearmint, Basil and Clove Exfoliating Soap! It was awarded Silver in the 2019 Free From Skincare Awards due to how well it lathered, left the skin feeling and how long it lasted (our Fragrance Free won Gold!). Thank you again, and enjoy it. Daisy


    Can I just say this soap is fabulous!!! I am allergic to SLSs so have been using solid soaps for a while. This is the first I have found that actually foams up properly and gives a really good clean. Smells amazing (it makes me hungry!!) and doesn’t dry my skin at all. Such a great product, I am very glad I finally convinced myself to buy it as initially I thought it was quite pricey but it’s soooo worth it! Next will be there pack of four. Thanks Lucy Bee! You’ve got a convert here!!

    Hi Sophie, Thank you! This is great to hear. When we first set out to create our soaps, we were told that we had to use palm oil to create a good lather but this isn't an ingredient that we use in any of our products. So, after much work, we finally were able to use our coconut oil (and no palm oil or its derivatives) AND get this amazing lather, which also cleans and moisturises skin. This particular bar won Silver at the 2019 Free From Skincare Awards, which we are thrilled about (our Fragrance Free bar won Gold). The crushed coconut shell in this exfoliates skin the natural way and, as you say, the pure essential oils used make this smell wonderful. Petrina


    Anne M

    Rhea H


    Such a nice soap! Nice smell and lathers really well. Doesn’t your skin feeling dry like other soaps do.

    It's brilliant to hear that you like the soap, Liz. Our Spearmint Exfoliating Soap won Silver in the 2019 Free From Skincare Awards for how well it lathered, left the judges skin feeling, and how long it lasted as well. Our Fragrance Free won Gold! Thank you again for your review, we really appreciate you taking the time to leave feedback. Daisy


    Kerri M

    great smell, foams up and scrubs gently but productively! Great for holiday to keep the tan going and also prevent any liquid spills by caring a soap!

    Thank you so much Kerri! We love to hear that the peppermint soap has accompanied you on your travels! We are so proud of our collection and it's amazing to see such lovely reviews of the soaps. Joel


    The smell and lather on this soap is amazing! It’s super nourishing and 100% works as an exfoliator!

    Thank you so much for your review. Our Spearmint Basil and Clove Exfoliating Soap won silver in the 2019 Free From Skincare Awards due to how well it lathered, left the skin feeling, and how long it lasted without cracking. All of our soaps are also Palm Oil Free, Organic, Vegan, Cruelty Free, and Fair Trade. Daisy


    I have used all the soaps and they are just fabulous. This is my bath soap. It is perfect to use straight on the skin which I find easier in a bath and gives my skin a perfect scrub at the same time. Love it.

    Hi Emma, thank you so much for your review. It's great to hear that you like all the soaps! Our Spearmint Basil and Clove Exfoliating Soap won Silver in the 2019 Free From Skincare Awards due to how it left the judges skin feeling, as well as the quality, coming second to our fragrance free soap. Daisy

    kim F

    Love the scent and the creamy texture.

    Hi Kim, This soap bar won Silver at the 2019 Free From Skincare Awards, which we were really pleased with. In the judging, they looked at things like the lather and its performance. Not only is this good to use to exfoliate at home, I also love using this especially to take away as it's great to remove suncream (and if taking only hand luggage you don't need to worry about liquids!). Petrina

    Sharon D

    I love this soap! I have purchased the 4 pack a few times and this is my favourite. I am prone to eczema and dry skin and used to find it hard to find decent soaps that don’t cause a flair up but since using this range my skin is so much better. The lather in all the soaps is incredible and they last such a long time too! Definitely recommend and will definitely buy again.

    Hi Sharon, Thank you so much for sharing this and it's great to hear that our Soap has helped relieve your skin. Like you, I love the Spearmint Exfoliating too - it smells good enough to eat (but don't of course!) and we were thrilled to receive a Silver of this bar at the 2019 Free From Skincare Awards, where our Fragrance Free won Gold. Being free from palm oil is a plus for me, too, as well as being certified Vega, Cruelty Free, COSOMS Organic and Fair Trade. Thanks again, Petrina


    Love love love this soap,been converted from a shower gel user to soap instead,fantastic product.

    Thank you for your great review! I'm glad to hear that you've been converted to bar soap instead of shower gels, they're much better for the environment and we find that our bar soap is much more nourishing on the skin throughout the day. I hope you keep enjoying the range! Tom

    Catherine F

    I just love this soap so much. I tried the 4 pack and loved this one the best even though they’re all lovely. It smells really fresh, lathers beautifully and the coconut shell gives a lovely exfoliation. I can’t get enough of it and the fact it has no palm oil truly makes it a must buy. Love love love.

    Hi Catherine, Thank you for your lovely review. The exfoliating Soap is my favourite so i'm happy to hear you also feel the same way! It is particularly good when you have applied suncream as the coconut shell really works in getting all the cream off. - Tom

    Nancy B

    Especially like taking this on holiday with me for exfoliating the skin. It’s my fave Lucy bee soap!

    HI Nancy, I agree, our Spearmint, Basil & Clove Exfoliating Soap is perfect to take on holiday and is really effective at getting off sun cream. Also, if you're only taking hand luggage with its restrictions on liquids, then this soap bar is ideal. It smells divine too and leaves your skin feeling clean, refreshed and moisturised. This particular Soap recently won Silver at the 2019 Free From Skincare Awards (our Fragrance Free won Gold) and all of our Soaps are palm oil free and certified Vega, Cruelty Free, COSMOS Organic and Fair Trade. Petrina

    Victoria R

    Love these soaps! They don’t dry out your skin and there is no irritation. Would definitely recommend!

    Hi Victoria, thank you so much for your review. It's great to hear that you love the soaps! Our soaps are also palm oil free, vegan, cruelty free, and fair trade! Daisy