Supporting Charities with Lucy Bee

We take our social responsibility seriously. We support a chosen charity each year and have worked closely with Love Support Unite and their efforts in Malawi; the St. Francis Hospice in Romford; and this year the Soup Kitchen at the American International Church in London. To date, we’ve donated over £15400 to these charities, and this represents a donation that we make for every sale of our bath salts. We do this because we can’t buy these Fair Trade.

Lucy Bee actively supports charitable works and we prefer to work with smaller charities, so that contributions aren’t used up in admin or ‘red tape’.

For 2020, we’re working with:

The Soup Kitchen, London, UK

Our founder, Lucy, has been volunteering at The Soup Kitchen at the American International Church, London for some time. This charity feeds, clothes and provides mental health support to over 100 homeless and vulnerable people in London each day and none of that is possible without countless volunteers and donors.

Throughout 2020, the Soup Kitchen is our chosen charity to support. Additionally, one lady that Lucy met while volunteering was a 63-year-old homeless lady with a talent for art, and who sleeps rough in London train stations. Lucy asked this lady to design a Christmas card which we then sold on our store, giving the full proceeds of the sales to this homeless lady.

Previously, we’ve worked with the following charities:

The St. Francis Hospice, Romford, UK

Over the course of 1 year (2019), Lucy Bee donated £2917 (GBP), used to help “provide the highest quality end of life care that sadly so many in our community need. Every year we support around 1700 people in our community across a range of services all with the aim of helping our patients live with dignity regardless of their condition.”

Love Support Unite Africa

this is a small charity which works in Malawi to empower communities to become self-sufficient. Lucy Bee supported this charity for over 3 years (2016-2018), donating in excess of £12,500 (GBP) which has been used to fund 8 farms to feed and empower families and feed 450 pupils at the Mkunkhu school; build teachers’ homes at the school, allowing them the opportunity to provide evening classes to adults; sponsored orphans at the Tilinanu Orphanage, providing food, clothes and school supplies for one year.

Soap Donations

We’ve also donated our Organic Coconut Oil, which was used to treat ringworm and used for baby massage; and we’ve donated our Fragrance Free Soap bars to the charity. They confirm that these will be used as follows:
• The girls at the Tilinanu Orphanage each have a bar, per month, for 2 years
• 587 bars have been allocated to adult literacy classes to give each learner a bar after they pass their exams
• 274 bars have been given to the nursery schools to help teach good hygiene practice
• 447 soaps for mother and infant health to be given to women on completion of the course, especially the sanitation component
• 2000 will be used in famine relief packages
• The remainder will be allocated to help encourage local volunteer teachers, to be given in schools and hospitals 

Bath Salt Donations

All of the above donations have largely been made up of contributions that Lucy Bee makes for the sale of our Bath Salts because we’re unable to buy these Fair Trade - we donate a sum of 15p to a chosen charity for every sale of our Bath Salts. We will continue to update this blog here on what impact these donations are having on the selected charity.