Soil Association (COSMOS Organic & COSMOS Natural) and Lucy Bee

What is the Soil Association?

The Soil Association was founded in 1946 by a group of farmers, scientists and nutritionists who observed a direct connection between farming practice and plant, animal, human and environmental health.

The Soil Association was one of the five like-minded associations that founded the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements in 1972 to act as the umbrella organization to advocate for the global uptake of organic farming.

Soil Association are the UK’s largest organic certification body. Their standards set strict benchmarks for organic food production; packaging; animal welfare; wildlife conservation; residues and additives to reassure the buying public over the quality of products labelled organic.


COSMOS Organic and COSMOS Natural by the Soil Association

This gives our customers the reassurance that what they are buying has been independently reviewed to include the source of ingredients, the formulation, as well as packaging, and that the product has been produced in the most sustainable way.

To carry the COSMOS Organic logo:

  • For leave on products (i.e. face cream), 95% of all physically processed agro-ingredients must be organic and at least 20% of the total ingredients must be organic.
  • For rinse off products (i.e. cleanser), 95% of all physically processed agro-ingredients must be organic and at least 10% of the total ingredients must be organic.

Agro-ingredients are any plant, animal or microbial product derived from agriculture, aquaculture or wild collection/harvest.

COSMOS Natural: We use organic ingredients where possible and to carry the COSMOS Natural logo is assurance from Soil Association that, “those ingredients which cannot be organic are made using green chemistry principles, which means no toxins and no nasties.”

All products with the Soil Association COSMOS logo guarantee:

• No animal testing
• No GM ingredients
• No controversial chemicals
• No parabens and phthalates
• No synthetic colors, dyes or fragrances

The certification says yes to:
• Sustainably sourced organic ingredients
• Using natural colours and fragrances from plants and flowers
• Transparent manufacturing processes
• Biodegradable ingredients
• Minimal packaging with maximum recycled content
• Protecting wildlife and biodiversity

By being certified through Soil Association, you can be sure that you are purchasing something made from sustainably sourced, organic ingredients. In addition, you are buying a product that has a transparent manufacturing process, biodegradable ingredients and uses minimal packaging.


At Lucy Bee we strive to ensure that all of our products are certified organic. 

Which of your products are certified Organic?
Radiance Boosting Face Cream, Reviving Cleansing Cream, Dazzling Tonic, Vitamin Rich Sweet Glow Face Scrub, Vitamin A Anti-Ageing Eye Serum, Vitamin C Illuminating Super Serum, Enzyme face mask, Fragrance Free Soap, Spearmint Basil & Clove Exfoliating Soap, Lemon Tangerine & Cinnamon Soap, Ylang Ylang Jasmine & Cedarwood Soap

Which of your products are certified Natural?
Brilliant Balm and Hydrating Foam Face Wash

Why aren’t all of your products organic?
First and foremost, we ensure that all of our products are palm oil free and so sometimes we are not always able to source organic alternatives that are suitable for our formulations Our entire range is also palm oil free. This isn’t a requirement for Soil Association but is an added benchmark that we as a company have set for ourselves.

We choose to work with Soil Association for our beauty range due to their internationally-renowned status and recognizable logo.

For more information about the Soil Association, please visit their website here. In addition you can read more about Lucy Bee's sustainability work here.