Our Packaging at Lucy Bee

At Lucy Bee, we believe that part of our Social Responsibility is to care for the environment.

While we insist that our products are the best quality available, we also insist on using recyclable packaging. We make every effort to minimise our packaging and to use only the most sustainable materials available to us. We realise that we’re not perfect, but we do our very best to be as eco-friendly as we can. 

Skincare Cartons and Liners

All of our decorative cartons and inner liners are made of recyclable cardboard and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

The FSC system “promotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world’s forests.” Simply put, this means the FSC ensure forests are managed to support nature and, helps local people and incentivises them to sustain the forest resources, in a viable manner.

Glass Jars, Bottles and Aluminium Tubes

We use glass jars and bottles (the most easily recyclable material) with aluminium lids for the majority of our products.
Our Cleanser comes in an aluminium tube. We’ve chosen this material because it is completely recyclable everywhere. As you’re no doubt aware, this is quite a soft material and can dent easily but we believe that this is a small price to pay compared to the dent on the planet if we were to choose another material which cannot be easily recycled!

Our Soap Bars

For our Soaps, in addition to the FSC outer card box, the soap bar is wrapped in a recyclable PP plastic flow-wrap. Though we’d prefer not to use this, it’s a necessity because of the unique formulation of the soap, as I will explain here.

Many soaps are made using palm oil but one made wholly of coconut oil, as ours is, is uncommon. With its better foaming and lathering qualities than soaps made with palm oil, this unique formula means the soap can sweat, which presents something of a challenge to us in storing it, hence the use of flow wrap. Please be assured that the packaging weight is minimised. We are trialling a biodegradable flow wrap and as soon as this is a viable option, we will use this to wrap our Soap bars.

Shipping Products to You

To ship your order to you, even though our prime concern is to make sure it arrives with you as we would like to receive an order ourselves, we’re also conscious of sticking to our values of caring for the environment.

Charlie and his team in our warehouse take pride in packing your items using:

• recyclable boxes
• recyclable and biodegradable zigzag shredded paper, made from 100% recycled material
• recyclable paper tape to seal the box

We put as much effort into sourcing our environmentally friendly packaging as we do the actual products. No stone is left unturned as we look at all the options available to us, always with an eye on reflecting our ethics and at the same time making sure the packaging is fit for purpose. We’re not fans of plastic and avoid using it where we can.


Throughout our range we avoid plastic where at all possible and while we accept that we’re not perfect, please know that we are doing our very best to completely eliminate its use.

In our packaging, we use recyclable glass jars, aluminium tubes and card cartons over plastic containers


In an effort to be as environmentally-friendly as possible, we encourage recycling of our packaging, in your household waste – if in doubt, we recommend talking to your local waste disposal company and they can guide you further.

Recycling can help reduce waste going to landfill; saves energy; and conserves natural resources, such as timber.