Ethical Consumer Guide and Lucy Bee

The Ethical Consumer Guide is the UK’s leading guide to ethical consumerism and their ‘Ethical Best Buy’ logo carries considerable kudos, confirming the ethics behind the product.

What is the Ethical Consumer Guide?

Ethical Consumer are a UK independent, not-for-profit, multi-stakeholder co-operative with open membership, founded in 1989. They provide the tools and resources you need to make personal and ethical choices simple, informed and effective.

They have developed the world’s most sophisticated and simple-to-use ethical rating system, to give you the information you need, based on detailed research of over 40,000 companies, brands and products. Their ratings cover around 300 topics, in 19 areas, in 5 main categories.

Ethical Consumer’s mission is to make global businesses more sustainable through consumer pressure. They are doing this by helping the consumer to challenge corporate power, democratizing the market, allowing for transparent research.

Why are Lucy Bee Products the Ethical Consumer Best Buy?

Lucy Bee has been awarded the number 1 Best Buy for our soap and skincare.

To receive the invitation to use the ‘Best Buy’ butterfly label is no easy task. Companies are closely scrutinised and only once all the boxes are ticked and top marks allocated, are you then invited to use the label. We’re proud that our products carry this logo and the ratings’ categories cover topics such as:

• animal testing
• factory farming
• climate change
• palm oil
• environmental reporting
• human rights
• workers’ rights
• political activity
• controversial technologies
• company ethos
• product sustainability


Lucy Bee believes that all company information should be completely transparent. We want everything we do to be easily accessible to the general public because we have absolutely nothing to hide.

We will continue to strive to be the best we can be and to do the best we can do. The topics that are covered by Ethical Consumer are so important to the world that we live in and we want to make sure we and our products meet the strict requirements for every single one.

For more information about Ethical Consumer, please visit their website here. If you want to read more about Lucy Bee's work on sustainability then click here.