Donating 823 Soap Bars to Tilinanu Orphanage, Malawi

We have sponsored soaps for the 81 Tilinanu girls in secondary education, by donating over 820 of our Fragrance Free bars, which allows them to have access to a year’s worth of soap. 
“This is amazing news thank you so much! Love Support Unite are trying to support the students’ needs, including their education fees, uniform, food, stationery, toiletries etc which adds up considerably to over 50,000GBP a year. 
“The toiletries seem like the first thing we need to reduce but being a woman, I know how important it is to have these basic necessities. Thank you so much for your support” Nina Roots, CEO and Co-Founder Love Support Unite 

soap donation  

More about Love, Support Unite 

Love, Support Unite Africa (LSU) is a volunteer foundation based in the UK .It was set up to help sustain Tilinanu Orphanage in Malawi, which houses and educates girls on a full-time basis, as well as feeding orphans in the community daily. They now help to empower people to become self-sufficient, with a leg-up rather than a hand-out. Community-based projects that integrate education, enterprise, nutrition and health, lift communities out of the cycle of poverty into a cycle of sustainability. 

We’ve had a long-term relationship with Love, Support Unite which started in 2014! During this time we have been involved in various ways: we’ve donated some of our coconut oil for baby massage and it has also helped to prevent and treat ringworm in children, which causes infection and scarring; we’ve sponsored 5 children in the orphanage; we, along with several of our partners, have donated funds to build homes for teachers; and we’ve ran half marathons and scaled the Three Peaks to fundraise for a further home to be built.   

In 2019 we also donated our soaps to help support the girls in the Tilinanu Orphanage, which you can read about here 

You can read more about LSU here.

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