Dermatologically Approved for Sensitive Skin

Did you know that most of our range is suitable for sensitive skin, to give full confidence for our customers with sensitive skin we have also been approved as suitable for sensitive skin by a dermatologist. 

Dermatologically approved for sensitive skin: two women smiling at camera

This is why you’ll see our statement dermatologically approved for sensitive skin on lots of our products. 

All of these products have been created with the focus to be kind to sensitive skin and with ingredients that are effective and results-driven in what they do: 

  • Soothe and calm  
  • Repair damaged skin barrier  
  • Protect  
  • Even skin tone  
  • Enhance your natural glow  
  • Help with reducing redness and irritation 

By choosing non-irritating ingredients, and instead focusing on effective ones that work, we have been able to bring a range of products which give results without the irritation that usually comes when using potent ingredients. Skincare that is created for sensitive skin with its unique formulation with visible results.  


Our new Hydrating Foam Face Wash is dermatologically approved for sensitive skin, with skin barrier healing, hydrating and nourishing ingredients to leave your skin clean and refreshed. 

Sensitive skin friendly skincare, lady holding new hydrating foam face wash bottle which is light blue

Our other products which are dermatologically approved for sensitive skin

Reviving Cleansing Cream, Brilliant Balm, Hydrating Foam Face Wash, Exfoliating Tonic, Moringa & Pineapple Enzyme Face Mask, Vitamin C Illuminating Serum, Vitamin A Anti-Ageing Eye Serum, Radiance-Boosting Face Cream, SPF 30 Face Serum, Natural Deodorant, Oh So Natural Soap Bar and Naturally Glowing Self-Tan Mousse


Check out some of our amazing reviews from customers below

“I have used the cleanser for years as great for my sensitive skin. My daughter has been suffering from hormonal spots around her nose and mouth but hard to find a product that works for her sensitive skin. This cleanser as well as toner and cream has been amazing and in a week the spots had reduced! We love the range 💕”

– Louise  
Reviewed: Reviving Cleansing Cream,  
Other products used: Exfoliating Tonic and Radiance-Boosting Face Cream  
- - - - - - - -

Siobhan's before and after using the sensitive skin friendly skincare range - previously has red irritated skin, second photo shows skin is more soothed

"I have very sensitive skin, which is worse due to pregnancy hormones. As you can see from the first photos my skin looks red, sore and angry! Since being pregnant I have tried so many sensitive products, all of which just made my face sting and hurt! I even had prescription medication, which made it worse!

Your Tan Drops, Tan Mousse, Vitamin-Rich Sweet Glow Face Scrub, Radiance-Boosting Face Cream, Exfoliating Tonic and Reviving Cleansing Cream have literally been a game changer for me. Super nourishing, no nasties and my skin is finally calming down. More importantly I don’t feel conscious about it. Thank you!"
- Siobhan
- - - - - - - -
“I have used Lucy Bee products for a few years now and love them. I have sensitive skin and have never reacted and would never buy anything else”
– Caroline  
Reviewed: Vitamin C Serum,  
Other products used: Radiance-Boosting Face Cream, Reviving Cleansing Cream, Vitamin A Eye Serum, Exfoliating Tonic  
- - - - - - - -
First review 26th May 2021
"I just wanted to share with you how much I really love your products and I think they’ve helped me!
My skin has always been so sensitive to anything I’ve used, and I also have acne prone skin.
However I’ve been using your face scrub, and brightening cream for around 3/4 weeks and I think they’ve really helped my skin!
I’m just left with red marks that I’m hoping will fade over time!"
Updated 29th September 2021 
"I just wanted to update you on my skincare journey, using your products.
I use the Radiance-Boosting Face Cream every day and the Vitamin-Rich Sweet Glow Face Scrub once a week, also the Tan Drops twice a week!
I’ve been using your products for about 5 months now and safe to say they have literally saved my skin and I can’t thank you enough"
- Anonymous
- - - - - - - -
“I decided to change my washing regime, so I decided to try Lucy Bee as the ingredients were organic, anti-ageing and suitable for sensitive skin. It was like luxury, my skin felt so fresh and clean, with no irritation. I'm so pleased.”
– Lynda  
Product reviewed: Reviving Cleansing Cream 
Other products used: SPF 30, Vitamin C Serum, Vitamin A Eye Serum 
- - - - - - - -
"After spending a fortune on SPF last year and finding it all too heavy and claggy on my skin, it is refreshing to finally find one that does what it says.
The Lucy Bee SPF 30 serum drops glides on effortlessly, feels light and soft on my skin and leaves me with healthy glowing skin.
I have quite a lot of redness and sensitivity and it has not irritated that either.
Looking forward to using this daily."
- Rhiannon
- - - - - - - -
“I've tried pretty much all of the Lucy Bee skin range and I can honestly say they don't disappoint. I came across the range on my quest to living a more sustainable lifestyle. Highly recommend, especially if you have sensitive skin and prone to allergies!” – Abi   
Product reviewed; Radiance-Boosting Face Cream 
Other products used: Reviving Cleansing Cream, Exfoliating Tonic, Moringa Mask, Vitamin A Eye Serum, Brilliant Balm, Natural Deodorant
- - - - - - - -
Which Lucy Bee products are dermatologically approved for sensitive skin?
Click here to be taken to our collection of dermatologically approved for sensitive skincare. Products include: Reviving Cleansing Cream, Brilliant Balm, Hydrating Foam Face Wash, Exfoliating Tonic, Moringa & Pineapple Enzyme Face Mask, Vitamin A Anti-Ageing Eye Serum, Vitamin C Illuminating Serum, Radiance-Boosting Face Cream, SPF 30 Face Serum, Natural Deodorant, Oh So Natural Soap Bar


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