Sustainability from Lucy Bee

How is Lucy Bee trying to be sustainable?

Lucy Bee is a family run business that keeps sustainability at the forefront of all the decisions we make, from the packaging we use for products and shipping, to the companies that we work with. Sustainability mainly focuses around the environment and social responsibility for businesses, whilst still running profitably and ethically. 

You can see more about our story here

Aluminium and recyclable packaging over plastic where possible.

We insist on using recyclable packaging. We make every effort to minimise our packaging and to use only the most sustainable materials available to us, like our use of aluminium packaging due to its recyclable nature. We realise that we’re not perfect, but we do our very best to be as eco-friendly as we can. You can read more about the packaging we use here.

Although we try to not use plastic, in certain cases we have to due to the nature of the product but we ensure that we still use post-consumer-recycled plastic

No Palm Oil Promise

Palm oil is used widely in cosmetics products (along with food, cleaning products, detergents etc), however we have made the decision to completely avoid using palm oil and any of its derivatives due to the controversial aspects of the ingredient, which include:

  • Destroying rainforest to plant more palm plants
  • Endangering animals with the deforestation
  • Exploitation of workers and child labour

You can read more about the impact of palm oil here

No Monkeys Used In Collection Of Coconuts

In some regions of the world, pig-tailed macaques are intentionally bred and trained – often with punishment – to harvest coconuts. However, our supplier in the Philippines does not use this method. You can read more about the unethical practice of using monkeys here

Fair Trade 

we source our coconuts for out coconut oil from the Philippines where we ensure that we pay our fair share to the community by using FairTSA to certify that acceptable community projects, wages and living conditions are aided by the premium we pay towards being Fair Trade. You can read more about FairTSA and Lucy Bee here or check out their website to learn more.


As stated above Lucy Bee works with organisations to ensure our products are sustainable and achieve a high level for effectiveness whilst still remaining as ethical as possible. We also work with:

Soil Association (COSMOS Organic & COSMOS Natural): By being certified through Soil Association, our customers can be sure that they are purchasing something made from sustainably-sourced, organic ingredients and allows transparency through our process.

The Vegan Society: At Lucy Bee we don’t feel it’s necessary to use animal produce when there are so many more alternatives out there. 

Cruelty Free International (Leaping Bunny): There is absolutely no need to test products on animals and so this is something that we feel strongly about at Lucy Bee and something that we want to help make a stand against.

Ethical Consumer Guide: Lucy Bee are proud to be an Ethical Consumer number 1 best buy for multiple products, which monitors things such as animal testing, human rights and sustainability. 

If you want to rad more about these certifications and why they are important to us you can read this page

Charity at No Extra Cost

Lucy Bee has worked with a host of charities over the years of being in business, some of which include:

The Soup Kitchen, London: The Soup Kitchen feeds, clothes and provides mental health support to over 100 homeless and vulnerable people in London each day and none of that is possible without countless volunteers and donors.

Love, Support Unite Africa Little Blossoms Programme: Little Blossoms aim is to sustain the projects that have already been started and to help with future plans, which include another shelter for children at the existing foster home that has been established.   

Soap Donations during COVID: During COVID we supplied 55 different charities with 30,000 bars of soap.

Product Donations to Food Banks.

You can read more about the Charities that Lucy Bee works with here.

Reusability and Recyclability

On average, cotton globally uses around 10,000 litres of water to create 1kg of cotton, with a single cotton t-shirt requiring around 2,700 litres to be made (WWF). By switching to reusable cotton pads we help to reduce water waste from single use cotton pads, and is why we launched our super soft, reusable, bamboo cotton pads to our range! You can also check out our other reusable products here, and if you want to read more about switching from single use accessories you can read more on the blog here.

We're also big fans of the different applications of our products, for example you can use coconut oil for your hair, coconut oil pulling for your teeth and coconut oil for stretch marks (not even including cooking)! 

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