Do moisturisers or bb creams with SPF offer enough SPF protection?

A moisturiser with SPF included is better than nothing, but a separate sunscreen is better still.

moisturiser spf or spf alone?

During the spring and summer months, it is best to use a separate SPF (on both face and body). Whereas in the wintertime it may be ok to use an SPF that is found in your moisturiser, however, many of us do not use enough of the moisturiser to produce the same protective factor as using a separate SPF.

During the winter, although UVB rays may have decreased in the UK, UVA rays stay the same, which means we are still at risk of damage to our skin. In the summer you want to ensure that you are using a separate sunscreen that offers both UVA and UVB protection. Apply this after your moisturiser.

broad spectrum SPF

If you plan to use a moisturiser with SPF it is important to check that it protects against both UVB (SPF), and also UVA rays, as in the winter UVA rays are more likely to impact your skin. 

If you are sensitive to UV rays or use a chemical exfoliant which helps to remove the top layer of the skin, increasing production of new skin cells, it is recommended to use a separate sunscreen all year round. This includes using our Exfoliating Tonic which is a chemical exfoliant.


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