"This skincare range is honestly the best range out there currently! The Lucy Bee Skincare has dramatically improved my skin already and its only been 1 week or so. I have always struggled so much with my blemish spotty combination skin but this is such a delight to use!
Lucy Bee has a trio product skincare range that includes a cleansing cream that is like a face wash and it also removes makeup, a dazzling tonic and moisturiser cream.
I also use her soft cloth with the products. I have been doing this day and night and especially after workouts, I also feel that it's helping against hormonal spots and overall I just feel so much more happy and confident with my skin.

Also, if you aren't sure whether you want to commit, Lucy does tester sachets to try before you buy.

I used to buy bareminerals products for so many years but Lucy Bee blows this brand out of the water, it's amazing!

Lucy is also a small independent business and really does genuinely care about her customers. Her products are vegan, gluten free, palm oil free, cruelty free... the list goes on!

You will honestly not regret ditching your current regime for Lucy Bee Skincare

P.S. no filter has been used here, my skin is purely glowing from these products! Thanks @lucybeecoconut ❤️"
Shop the Lucy Bee Skincare Range here
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