Supporting The Soup Kitchen, London

9th December 2019

For the next year, we’ll be supporting The Soup Kitchen, at the American International Church, in Tottenham Court Road, London. The Soup Kitchen feeds, clothes and provides mental health support to over 100 homeless and vulnerable people in London each day and none of that is possible without countless volunteers and donors.  

Lucy has been volunteering here for a while now and has been touched by their great work and the good that it does. So much so that one homeless lady that she met had a huge impact on Lucy, inspiring her to help more. After some brainstorming, Lucy asked this lady, who has great artistic talents,  to design a Christmas Card for us to sell on our online store, with 100% of the proceeds given to the artist. We’ve been overwhelmed by the support of our customers in purchasing these cards. 

We will continue our support for The Soup Kitchen throughout next year and will donate to them for every Lucy Bee Bath Salt that we sell. We couldn’t do any of this without you, so a big ‘Thank You’ from all of us at Lucy Bee.  

  lucy working at the soup kitchen

Update September 2020 

Lucy Bee has donated £1400 to the Soup Kitchen which represents our carbon offsets for orders from our online store, as well as a donation for every box of our Bath Salts that we’ve sold. This covers the period 1st December 2019 to September 2020. 


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