"I was a little reluctant to send these pictures but actually it really does highlight how amazing this skin care is!
I have suffered with adult and cystic acne since hitting my early twenties and have tried most things to sort it out, and spent a fortune on products to get a lovely complexion, from doctor prescribed lotions to high end facial products.
As soon as I received my Lucy Bee skincare I couldn’t get over how lovely the products felt on my skin, and particularly after the moisturiser couldn’t believe how soft my skin felt.
After a short few months I’ve seen such great changes in my skin. My really sore bumps and spots have disappeared, and I’m starting to notice a slight glow to my complexion too!
The products also last, particularly the moisturiser!
Thank you Lucy Bee - I thought I was just unlucky with my skin, but I’m finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel!"
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