Yoga Postures For Anxiety

Moving, stretching, and shaking everything out is a great way to help your mind. A practice like yoga will allow you to incorporate all of these things, including unifying the breath with mindful movement to really get you out of that funk and in line with your inner calm.​





Trisha is a yoga teacher and founder of The Remedy, a company created with the intention of helping people to feel better in their head, heart and spirit.  The main hope is that The Remedy contributes to the creation of a more compassionate culture.  For more information visit or follow on Instagram @theremedyworks

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Thank you Trisha, I am having a few health problems at present and your Yoga exercises has enabled me to relax and feel less anxious in this current climate when we can’t get to see our GP.

Margaret Crossley

Thank you so much for the video, extremely helpful ✨🧘‍♀️✨

Wendy Smith

What a wonderful way to start Sunday morning, I really enjoyed Trishas practice! Thank you for sharing 🙏🏼

Mora Sheard

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