Fair Trade (FairTSA) and Lucy Bee

We strongly believe in the importance of Fair Trade. In addition to the Fair Trade premium that we pay and is used for sustainable community projects that the farmers and workers who produce the products benefit from, we also pay an additional 0.75% of our total sales to the Fair Trade Sustainability Alliance (FairTSA) who certify our products. This contribution allows them to continue their good work of auditing and ensuring a better world for the producer communities.

What is FairTSA?

We work closely with the Fair Trade Sustainability Alliance (FairTSA), a non-profit organisation specialising in fair trade and social responsibility, standard development, ethical supply chain management and accountable, sustainable community development. Something which sets this organisation apart from others is that the local community directly benefits and has a say in how funds are spent to help improve their lives.

In the words of its Director, Winfried Fuchshofen PhD, "As a consumer, I can really make an impact and I'm not just buying a product to make sure the worker gets their minimum wage. I'm also contributing to the producer community that makes their life worthwhile."

Lucy Bee Coconut Oil, which is used in our skincare and Soaps, is produced in the Philippines and is certified Fair Trade. Those farmers and workers who produce the oil benefit from the Fair Trade premiums through:

• The building of two wells for fresh, safe water for the local community
• School scholarships for children of the workers
• Solar powered energy in the village communities
• Low-interest lending programs for the Philippine farmers
• A feeding program for malnourished children
• Funds for coconut planting to make this a sustainable and viable option for the community
• Insurance against crop failure; for family welfare; and accidents
A further benefit of working with FairTSA is that they guarantee that monkeys are not used to pick the coconuts, which is not always the case in some areas.