I wanted to share this with you!

I have very sensitive skin, which is worse due to pregnancy hormones. As you can see from the first photos my skin looks red, sore and angry! Since being pregnant I have tried so many sensitive products, all of which just made my face sting and hurt! I even had prescription medication, which made it worse!

Your Tan Drops, Tan Mousse, Vitamin-Rich Sweet Glow Face Scrub, Radiance-Boosting Face Cream, AHA Dazzling Tonic and Reviving Cleansing Cream have literally been a game changer for me. Super nourishing, no nasties and my skin is finally calming down. More importantly I don’t feel conscious about it.

Thank you!

Skincare to reduce redness review
Skincare to reduce rednessSkincare for sensitive skin
skincare for sensitive red skinSkincare for sensitive skin
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