"I am so so impressed with this moisturiser. The texture/consistency is gorgeous, as is the faint scent which I just love. It’s a real treat to wear as it both feels lovely on application but also my skin genuinely feels different after I’ve used it. It is completely absorbed and leaves my skin feeling so soft, it somehow has a lasting feeling I have only rarely found before. It’s hard to describe but I really recommend trying it - even my partner is (he has very very sensitive & dry skin, mine is the same but less so.. but we are both very particular when it comes to our skincare) - he even interrupted a phone call just to tell me how much he liked it. I love that it is free of ‘nasties’ but manages such a great result, which again I have found to be very rare. I honestly do think it’s good value given its quality and I am happy to recommend it very highly"
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