"I have been using a different natural deodorant for about a year now. Your body does need a little time to adjust to not using aluminium I think - at first I felt quite sweaty but then after several weeks it really calmed down a lot.
I decided to try this one as it is not a roll-on and sometimes you have to wait an age for roll-ons to dry. This is perfect for that! - it is dry instantly and goes on like a dream!
The scent is lovely and fresh. I have not noticed my armpits smelling at all with it - even after VERY long brisk walks in lockdown! or doing an hours pilates class on zoom! I feel quite confident to wear it at work as well in the office, on the rare occasions that I have to go in! That is quite a big praise from me as I consider my armpits quite sweaty at times!
I will definitely be buying it again!"
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