"Got the skincare collection as a birthday gift and it's a revelation! I'll admit that I had a basic routine as my skin isn't sensitive or problematic, and just used micellar water and face oil, but since using this, I may be converted. The cleanser removes even a full face of make with complete ease, including eyeliner, and the toner and moisturiser leaves you looking fresh and glowing but not greasy. I did feel some stinging with the toner and moisturiser initially, which I found a bit odd, but no spots or redness and it subsided. The smell I find quite clinical (like cleaning solutions in hospitals), but it doesn't have added fragrance, which I'd never normally use so may be normal. The moisturiser is thick, and when I've tried others I found them too heavy, but this melts into the skin very well. Packaging is amazing with limited plastic. It's absolutely an investment, and a costly one if it doesn't work for you, but as a gift I'm very, very happy."
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