"I have to say, I am a sceptical when it comes to skincare brands.. and I have seen reviews already from other customers using Lucy Bee having there skin completely cleared in a week and I have to admit my automatic thought process is that they have just taken their photos say at the time of the month and then a week later when it’s cleared and claimed it to be LB.
HOWEVER, I purchased the wholes Lucy bee range and I can honestly say for the first time in my life, (after having a face full of blackheads), I do not even have ONE blackhead left!! Incredible!! I do still have some red spots that seem to be ingrained in me, but I’m sticking with it and hoping they are just more stubborn.
PROS: great My main plus from the range is how natural it is and the care, effort and passion that has gone into this to make it like this. I respect LB so much for waiting to release products to ensure they are fair trade and natural rather than pushing them out early for the money. I LOVE how I can use them guilt free, knowing I can recycle all of the packaging once done!
CONS: my only negative is that just because there is no fragrance added doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a smell - and it is one that I don’t personally like. It very slightly reminds me of a medicinal ointment smell. However, this is worth it for the pros! And it is mild.
Lastly - I have seen many posts stating that the Toner is the item that usually lasts the longest. However, I find that I’m Almost done my toner, yet my cleanser and cream are pretty full. I know I’ve not been using it in excess, a quick turn upside down onto cotton pad, only placing liquid on the diameter of the bottle. Am I doing something wrong?! Or is it the cotton pad maybe being too absorbant? Any thoughts or recommendations for pads? Thanks again to the LB Team for creating such an amazing range!"
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