"At my age (just turned 50) I dabble in looking after my skin (aka - Iazy). However after doing some research I decided to start using AHA toners and improve my general skincare routine (aka - stop being lazy).
Wow - who knew a toner could make such a difference! The difference in my skin after day one was noticeable to me, however when I saw friends the following week - for the first time in my life (no exaggeration) comments "your skin looks so fresh" "your skin looks great, what are you using?" I'm not only a toner convert, but investing in a good moisturiser as well (Lucy's).
I'll leave some other reviews when I start using the moisturiser properly (I bought a tester to see how I got on - great idea Lucy! as well as the cleanser).
I think I waffle just as much as Lucy (in a positive way!) but this toner is just the best.
I use morning and evening and my skin is glowing every day!
Thanks Lucy and team!"
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Hi I have to say your products really suit my skin ..I have been using them twice a day for 3 months now …I’m usually pretty sensitive round my eyes so it’s great having products without all the perfumes ect ..I am a convert .love the toner so much well all 3..👍😍..age 60 ..I’ve taken a photo but can’t see where to post it 🤣

Sally Burdett

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