How to Treat Maskne

With the increase in wearing masks to prevent the transmission of COVID-19, we are now finding maskne becoming a skin issue. Maskne (mask acne) is the development of acne or irritation where your mask sits on your face. 

When masks are worn, they create a humid environment beneath them, this causes our pores to become blocked due to a build-up of sweat, oil, makeup and bacteria, which leads to breakouts AKA maskne. Where the mask is in contact with the skin it can also cause irritation due to rubbing and friction. There isn't one specific maskne treatment, but these tips can help calm your skin. 


Ways you can help treat maskne and your skin 

Wash your mask regularly

Wash it after every use/day of wearing it. Bacteria, skin cells, oil and dirt will build up on your mask after wearing it, so avoid putting it back on your face unwashed. 

Minimal makeup

Heavy foundations can block pores further under a mask, which already has a build-up of sweat and bacteria, so keep makeup light and simple to help skin.  


The build-up of bacteria, dirt, oil and sweat on your skin means that it's important to cleanse in the morning and evening. If your skin is irritated, try and use a cleanser which is gentle on your skin. Double cleansing allows the first cleanse to remove any makeup, dirt and grime, whilst the second cleanse allows for a deeper cleanse. With maskne skincare routines can help to remove daily grime and build up, helping calm and treat your skin. 


Even with spots it's important to make sure that you keep your skin hydrated and nourished.  

Chemical exfoliants

AHAs (like our Dazzling Tonic) help to increase cell renewal and unclog pores. Use in the evening to help gently exfoliate and moisturise your skin. 

Physical exfoliants

Avoid being too harsh with physical exfoliants and avoid scrubbing or highly abrasive ones, as this can cause breakouts to become worse. Pick ones that are gentle on skin and use 1 to 3 times a week (like our Vitamin Rich Sweet Glow Scrub)

Keep your skincare simple

Avoid harsh products and ingredients that may irritate your skin and cause it to become sensitive. 

Avoid touching your face

Our hands pick up a lot of bacteria day to day, make sure you wash your hands before touching your face. 

 Core Collection Organic Skincare

Our skincare range, Reviving Cleansing Cream, AHA Dazzling Tonic, and Radiance-Boosting Face Cream has been dermatologically approved for sensitive skin and is fragrance free.  


The Cleanser and Face Cream contain anti-inflammatory properties such as turmeric and are very hydrating and soothing on the skin. The AHA Tonic contains natural alpha-hydroxy acids which help with the overall complexion, gently exfoliate the skin and remove the build-up of dirt and grime in the pores, while also helping with problematic areas to reduce spots.  


Lucy Bee Skincare Core Collection Reviews 

“I love these products. Not only they are organic and cruelty free they actually work! I wear a face mask every day in the hospital and I do think without Lucy Bee products my skin would be in a mess by now.” 

– Elin  


“LOVE this tonic! This is my third purchase of it and it just works beautifully. I have incredibly sensitive skin and love that my skin doesn’t react to this, but always leaves it feeling fresh and with a nice glow. I wear a mask all day at work and using the Lucy Bee products is keeping my very sensitive skin in great condition - with no break outs! Thank you so much.” 

- Anna 


“I have been using this product for less than a week and can already see and feel a difference to my skin. My skin has been suffering lately due to ‘maskne’ but is starting to look a million times better by using this product.” 

- Theresa 


“Used these products and thought they were amazing. Then for some reason decided I would try something different.... and regretted it. Lucy Bee is now my forever skin care. It keeps my skin clear (even the maskne has cleared) and my skin has stayed looking healthy even in this cold winter weather. I’ve never been one for a toner but it’s the game changer, it makes your skin actually glow.”

 - Anonymous   

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