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6 x 1 Litre Organic Coconut Milk

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PLEASE NOTE: We're not fans of plastic and avoid it where we can but to ship this, the courier insists we pack the case in a plastic bag, in case it's accidentally damaged in transit. This could affect not only other items in your order but also other parcels with the courier. We appreciate that this is not ideal and thank you for your understanding.

Our organic Coconut Milk is a velvety, smooth drink. Being 99.9% coconut is what makes it different to other milk alternatives, which are made of regular water and fillers.

  • Unsweetened, keeping it as natural as can be
  • Ethical Consumer magazine’s UK #1 ‘Best Buy’ for Soya & Non-Dairy Milk
  • A plant-based replacement for dairy milk
  • Vegan and Vegetarian approved making it suitable for those avoiding dairy
  • No carrageenan
  • Not suitable for freezing
  • Monkeys are not used to pick the coconuts for this coconut milk drink
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How to use

Use as a plant-based alternative to dairy milk. Our Coconut Milk is great to:

  • Drink as it comes
  • Froth in your coffee
  • Use in drinks such as our Drinking Chocolate and Turmeric Latte Mix
  • Mix with porridge
  • Pour over cereal
  • Use as a base for sauces and soups
  • Use as a staple in smoothies
  • Add to curries for a lighter version of coconut milk
Please not that it's not suitable for freezing as this can cause the product to separate.

    More Info

    What do I Taste Like?

    As you’d imagine, our Coconut Milk has a subtle coconut flavour with a rich, velvety, smooth texture.

    Where am I From?

    Like our other coconut products, our Coconut Milk is from the Philippines. The palms grow in an agroforestry environment which supports nature, and organic farming methods are observed.

    Why Fair Trade?

    Fair Trade is at the foundation of all that we do at Lucy Bee, to help make a difference to the lives of those who grow, harvest and produce our products.

    The Fair Trade premiums from our Coconut Milk ensure:

    • No exploitation of workers
    • Funds to support education
    • Funds for a feeding progamme for undernourished children
    • Projects such as coconut planting initiatives
    • No monkeys are used to pick the coconuts used to make this milk


    Our Coconut Milk is packed in a Tetra prisma carton which is recyclable. During recycling the carton is mixed with water and shred in a large blender to separate the materials (pulp, polymers and aluminium)

    • The paper pulp is dried and pressed into high quality fibre which is used for cartons, boxes, paper bags etc
    • Polymers/shredded plastic is melted, then cooled into pellets to be reused, such as used for wheelie bins
    • Polymers and aluminium are combined and pressed into lumbers which is used for garden furniture, desks, chairs etc.

    Click here for details.

    The cartons are packed in recyclable card SRPs.

    Are Tetra Paks biodegradable?

    Tetra advise, “On average, Tetra Pak packages are made of 75% paper board and 21% polymers and 4% aluminium. Each material has its own function and purpose to protect the liquid food inside.

    “Tetra Pak packages, which are primarily made of paper board which comes from a renewable resource, is biodegradable. However, other materials in Tetra Pak packages are not biodegradable, due to food protection and recycling reasons.”

    So, the paper board element is biodegradable, whereas the remaining materials are not biodegradable, only recyclable as per the above.


    1. How long will coconut milk keep in a fridge?

    Unopened, our Coconut Milk will keep until the Best Before Date. Once opened, store in the fridge and use within 3 days. Our Coconut Milk is best served chilled.

    2. What does coconut milk taste like?

    Our Coconut Milk has a delicious coconutty taste.

    3. Can coconut milk be frozen?

    Our Coconut Milk is NOT suitable for freezing.

    Our manufacturer advises that if frozen the coconut water and fat content of the product may separate, with some creaming effect. This is a natural phenomenon or occurrence on this storage condition, it is still safe for consumption but it may just affect the appearance of the product.

    4. Is this the same as coconut milk from a tin?

    No, it is not. Tinned coconut milk is usually a 50/50 split of regular water and coconut (sometimes coconut extract), and usually includes emulsifiers and stabilisers. Tinned coconut milk is generally used in cooking, such as curries etc.

    Lucy Bee Coconut Milk is 90.5% coconut water, 9.4% coconut cream, with 0.1% xanthan gum (to stop it from separating). It is more of a milk that you drink, add to smoothies, porridge, cereals and use in baking and sauces. It is still good to use in cooking and is a lighter version ie. with less fat.

    The difference is that you usually wouldn’t drink a tin of coconut milk, whereas ours is intended to be enjoyed as a drink alternative, as well as cooking.

    5. Is coconut milk better for you than ordinary milk?

    It depends on what you are looking for in a milk. Coconut milk isn’t per say better than milk, however it is beneficial for those who may be lactose intolerant, or do not consume dairy products, for various reasons, such as vegans.  

    It is lower in carbohydrates and sugars in comparison to milk.

    6. Is coconut milk bad for you?

    Our Coconut Milk drink is not bad for you to drink. It can be consumed as part of a healthy balanced diet and is a plant-based alternative to milk.

    6. What are the benefits of coconut milk?

    Lucy Bee Coconut Milk drink is a source of protein with 17.78% of its energy source coming from protein:

    • Protein contributes to a growth in muscle mass
    • Protein contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass
    • Protein contributes to the maintenance of normal bones

    Our Coconut Milk contains no added sugar or sweeteners and is low in naturally occurring sugars

    It is a plant-based alternative to animal milks and has a better taste and texture than lots of plant-based milks, which are mainly just water and are also bulked out with fillers. Whereas Lucy Bee Coconut Milk is just coconut water (90.5%), creamed coconut (9.4%) and a smidge of xanthan gum (0.1%).

    7. Is coconut milk or almond milk better for you?

    It depends what you’re looking for. If you can’t have nut milks due to allergies, then this coconut milk drink is a suitable alternative as there are no nuts in it.

    It’s also worth looking at what your almond milk is made up of. Is it just almonds and water, or are there other things added into it?

    8. Is coconut milk a saturated fat?

    Per 100ml, Lucy Bee Coconut Milk contains 2.1g of saturated fat which is a little bit less than full fat milk. Full fat milk usually has a range of 2.4g-2.6g of saturated fat per 100ml.

    Lucy Bee Coconut Milk is lower in carbohydrates than many nut-based milks, which use rice for fillers. Our Coconut Milk has a creamy texture, with no added sugars or fillers.

    9. How many coconuts are in each 1 litre carton of you Coconut Milk?

    Each 1 litre carton is made from approximately 3 coconuts.

    10. The coconut water used in your Coconut Milk, is this from young or mature coconuts?

    The coconut water used in our Coconut Milk is from the fully ripened coconut. The water from the fully ripened coconut is loaded with more electrolytes and less fructose, than young coconuts

    Harvesting coconuts prematurely is not a sustainable model - it is a waste because the white coconut meat is not developed and can’t be used.

    The coconuts used for Lucy Bee Coconut Milk are Malayan Tall coconuts.

    11. Can you use Lucy Bee Coconut Milk to make yoghurt?

    We have used our Coconut Milk to make yoghurt – it was runnier/thinner and needed to add more fat to get the thicker consistency that you often associate with yoghurt, so we added 2-3 tablespoons of our Creamed Coconut to it. Once made, we found that there was some liquid left on the top which was fine when using this in a smoothie but if you want to eat it as a dessert then you may need to drain off some liquid. 

    Nutritional Information


    Organic Coconut Water (90.5%), Organic Coconut Cream (9.4%), Xanthan Gum (0.1%)

    Typical values per 100g

    Energy kj 151
    Kcal 36
    Fat 2.3g
    of which saturates 2.1g
    Carbohydrates 2.4g
    of which sugars 1.8g
    Cholesterol 0g
    Fibre <0.1g
    Protein 1.6g
    Salt 0.08g




    4.93 Average

    110 Reviews

    Monika M

    This is the best coconut milk I have ever drink. I can taste coconut, so delicious. I will not drink any other milk

    Thank you Monika, it is wonderful to hear how much you enjoy our Organic Coconut Milk! As well as tasting amazing, it is also Ethical Consumer magazine’s UK #1 ‘Best Buy’ for Soya & Non-Dairy Milk. Thank you, Rian


    MY FAVOURITE MILK. tastes good in everything from drinks to food! I hate the artificial flavour in the other brands!

    Thank you so much for your feedback, it's fantastic to hear that you love the Lucy Bee coconut milk as much as we do! Thank you, Rian

    Haresh P

    Best drink,love it.

    Thank you Haresh!

    Janet H

    Best coconut milk ever,creamy & versatile.very friendly & helpful staff,who go out of their way to help with order. I have really missed this milk,but now thankfull its back in stock.

    Hi Janet, thank you for your lovely review of our Organic Coconut Milk! It's fantastic to hear how much you enjoy it, and that you have missed it as much as we have! Thank you, Rian

    Fayyaz R

    Delicious milk and great for anyone suffering from IBS

    Thank you for your 5* review, it's wonderful to hear how much you enjoy the taste of our Organic Coconut Milk. Thank you, Rian

    Lesley l

    Lucy Bee organic coconut milk is lush, I long for the day it is back in stock, nothing else compares with this. I follow a low carb keto diet and you can't begin to imagine how much I miss this little taste of luxury. Agriculture must have been hit by the earthquake and I hope the farmers and production team are well and able to recover.

    Hi Lesley, thank you... we are so pleased to hear how much you enjoy our Organic Coconut Milk. The box of 6 cartons is currently in stock on our website. Thank you, Rian

    David j

    When I found you I was amazed I drank it and used it for cleaning my hair my hair never looked so good.. your stuff is the s### I love it used to get it in morrisons then after Jan it vanished... I want it now :( no other coconut milk is pure with no sugar or gel we need you

    Hi David, thank you for your feedback and for being so patient! We are expecting our shipment very soon, we should have stock of our coconut milk and oil next week. Thank you so much, Rian

    Patiently w

    Lucy bee, Lucy bee , where are you.... I have been searching high and low day after day trying to hunt down any last hidden bottle of this elixir but alas I am out of luck. If the angels could give us a gift it would be this! Simple honest ingredients. Tastes like heaven, smells like heaven, add it to ANYTHING and it becomes heaven. Please please please bring it back. I don’t think I can go on much longer

    Thank you so much for your feedback, we are so pleased to hear you love our coconut milk as much as we do!! So sorry for the delay, unfortunately our shipment was delayed from heaven (Manila)! But we are expecting delivery of stock within the next couple of weeks. Thank you so much for being so patient, the wait is almost over! Thank you, Rian

    Hannah C

    Honestly, What!!? I didn’t think the saturated coconut market could take any more. But Lucy Bee comes along and just destroys everything else out there. Thank you for bringing this coconut milk out in all its natural glory. But you have now destroyed anything else for me. Due to the virus it’s been sold out for ages and I’ve resorted to buying other coconut milks and they just taste awful now. Like really awful. Can’t wait for it to come back into stock so I can enjoy my breakfasts again hahah

    Hi Hannah, thank you for your review.. it's great to hear you love our coconut milk as much as we do! We use 99.9% coconut (using coconut water and coconut cream), with no added water, fillers, rice or flavourings, which means that the natural taste of coconut comes through! Certified by FairTSA, the Fair Trade contributions from this coconut milk mean that no monkeys are used to pick the coconuts used in this milk. We are expecting delivery of stock around the end of July, not too much longer. Thank you, Rian


    This is literally the best coconut milk going... I’m strictly gluten and dairy free and this is amazing. No fillers just pure goodness. I have just used the last carton I had and gutted it isn’t in stock and I can’t get it anywhere. I refuse to try another brand as it is full of fillers and junk. Lucy bee could you please give us a date when it will be in stock? Thank you x

    Hi, thank you for your review - it is so great to hear how much you enjoy our coconut milk! We are very sorry about the delay with stock, this is due to Covid-19. Manila was on lock down, so our shipment was delayed. We are expecting stock around the end of July. Thank you for your understanding, Rian

    Lila A

    Do not buy any other 'coconut' milk, it's just water oil and fillers, very little coconut milk and definitely no coconut cream. If you used A2 milk, have IBS or a sensitive stomach to many foods, then this is the milk for your porridge and granola, even your cornflakes. You will be so glad you tried this. It is long life with a long date. All you have to do when you are going to use it is keep one in the fridge and shake before use. Never mind counting calories, natural ingredients, balance, health and taste should come first!

    HI Lila, Thank you for your amazing feedback, we really appreciate it. As you've said, there's no other product like it and it has a wonderful creamy texture. Being made with coconut water and coconut cream (plus a smidge of xanthin gum) is what makes it different. The fact that it's organic and Fair Trade too are added bonuses! Thank you again for your taking the time to share your thoughts. Petrina


    The BEST coconut milk ever ❤️

    Thank you Lorraine, we couldn't agree more! Thank you for the 5* review, Rian


    The BEST coconut milk ever ❤️

    Thank you Lorraine! So pleased you love our coconut milk as much as we do! Thank you, Rian

    Haresh P

    Best product I have ever tasted, I will be referring this products to my family members & friends. Please keep this as very high standard. Thanks.

    Thank you so much for your review, Haresh. It's great to hear that you like the coconut milk. We make it using 99.9% coconut (coconut water and coconut cream), which means that we don't use water, fillers like rice, or flavourings, as the ingredients that we use are of the highest quality. Our coconut milk is also #1 Ethical Best Buy for coconuts milks in the UK. Thank you for your support. Daisy

    Lou T

    The best on the market

    Hi Lou, thank you so much for your review. Our coconut milk is made with 99.9% coconut, using coconut water and coconut cream, which means that we don't use water, fillers like rice, or any flavourings. Our milk is also Organic and Fair Trade, as well as being #1 Ethical Best Buy for coconut milks in the UK, Daisy


    Love the product . Best organic coconut milk I’ve found. You get what you pay for.

    Thanks for your review, Richard. We're so pleased to hear that you're enjoying your coconut milk! It really is so tasty, I love drinking it as it comes. Georgia

    Emma-Louise R

    marilyn g

    delicious, and not too many calories.

    Our Coconut Milk is like no other on the market at the moment and we all love it! It's delicious on its own or to use in hot chocolates (blended with our Cacao Powder it's amazing!), smoothies and cooking. Re the calories, it has 36Kcal per 100g / 37Kcal per 100ml. Enjoy! Petrina


    Really pleased

    Thank you and we're really happy that you feel this way. Our 99.9% Coconut Milk is different to others on the UK market and is great to have as a drink, add to smoothies and use in cooking. It's also an Ethical Best Buy from the Ethical Consumer Magazine and being Fair Trade means the farmers and workers benefit from this. Petrina

    Lou T

    Excellent product

    Hi Lou, thank you so much for your review. It's great to hear that you like the coconut milk (coconut water and coconut cream), we use 99.9% coconut, instead of using fillers like water and rice. Daisy

    Margaret C

    Use Coconut Milk everyday on my muesli for breakfast, in sauces for cooking, custard, etc, so light, refreshing and creamy

    Thank you for this great feedback Margaret. Our Coconut Milk is like no other on the UK market, being made up of 99.9% coconut and is great to use as you've recommended. It's also organic and Fair Trade as well as Vegan, making it a great alternative for those avoiding dairy. Petrina

    Sharon T


    Delicious will be buying this regularly. Great news that it’s stocked in some supermarkets now too.

    Hi, thank you so much for your review. I'm glad to hear that you like the coconut milk. As it is 99.9% coconut we don't need to use fillers to add flavour or texture to it. Thank you again, Daisy

    Sumaira A

    Tastes delicious have it everyday with smoothie or cereal

    Hi Sumaira, thank you so much for your review, and it's great that you like the milk. Our milk is #1 Ethical Best Buy in the Uk for coconut milks and is made up of 99.9% coconut, unlike many brands. Daisy

    Claudine B

    Excellent product. Very pure.

    Thanks Claudine! This is the only 99.9% Coconut Milk on the UK market, with no water or fillers - not that these are bad but it's interesting to check ingredients and see what you're paying for! Petrina

    Michelle J

    Delicious. I use this coconut milk in our porridge, smoothies, baking and the list goes on. Such good quality coconut milk. I am over the moon!

    Hi Michelle, thank you for such a wonderful review. Our coconut milk is #1 Ethical Best Buy for coconut milks in the UK. As well as being 99.9% coconut, instead of using fillers like rice. Thank you again, Daisy


    Love it! I use a lot of coconut milk in most of my cooking. Just perfect with porridge, smoothies and curries. I normally use an almond milk to cook my gluten-free organic porridge then I discovered LB coconut milk and when I tried it wow it works perfectly. My porridge became more smoother and creamier and it tastes so so good. am now using LB coco nut(not) milk:) I would certainly recommend this product. Thank you for your truthfulness in delivering quality products. Neri

    Hi Neri, thank you for such a brilliant review, I'm glad to hear that you like the Coconut Milk. It really does add such a creamy flavour to porridge, I love adding a tablespoon of cacao to my porridge with the coconut milk, as it naturally sweetens it, and makes it creamy. With most plant based milks on the market, they are usually a lower percentage of coconut and mainly made up of water and fillers. Whereas we use 99.9% coconut (coconut water and cream), which gives it a much creamier taste and texture. Thank you again for your review, Daisy

    Michael M

    Tastes so much better than all those available in the supermarket, no surprises since they're mostly water. Definitely worth the extra money for a natural product.

    Hi Michael, thank you so much for a great review. As you said most other brands on the market are mostly made up of water and then only a small percentage of coconut, whereas we use 99.9% coconut (coconut water and coconut cream) which means that we don't have to use fillers to add texture or flavour. It is also Organic, #1 Ethical Best Buy for Coconut Milks in the UK, and is Fair Trade. Thank you again for your review. Daisy

    Debbie D

    The best coconut milk I have tried on the market! I use it almost every day for making porridge, lattes and or sauces.

    Hi Debbie, thank you for your review. The coconut milk is so versatile and works so well in recipes as you've said! If you need any more inspiration please visit for more recipes - Daisy

    Michelle N

    Best coconut milk ever! The high quality of the product is obvious as soon you taste it. I will never use anything else again, Its amazing warmed up with Lucy bee caco powder. I used alpro unsweetened almond milk before that tasted like water... Never again!

    Hi Michelle, thank you so much for such a brilliant review. Instead of using fillers like rice, or just plain water, we use 99.9% coconut (coconut water and coconut cream). Which means that it has a creamier flavour. I love having a hot chocolate using the cacao and coconut milk, such a delicious drink. Thank you again for your review. Daisy