"It has been 1 week since I started using all the products. Well, I am just so astonished at how well they work! I noticed hydration almost immediately. My skin was so dehydrated that it soaked the cream up instantly. I was surprised as I use moisturiser twice daily. Redness has reduced and my skin feels tighter (fine lines reduced) apart from some old acne, my skin is clear! Sorry let me say that again...MY SKIN IS CLEAR!(I’ve been struggling with bad skin all the way from teenager to my 30’s!) In the picture you can see how my skin is improving and blackheads have almost completely gone! I am excited to see my skin change even more in the coming weeks.
Well done Lucy with all your hard work! You are making myself - as well as thousands of other users - skincare a game changer! 10/10 or 100/100! I highly recommend all of these products. I have already had two friends purchase the kit with many more ordering samples. 😁⭐️"
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