"I’ve always loved Lucy Bee products and have always used the skincare since she launched it, but I recently ran out of my Lucy Bee cleanser and moisturiser and was bought loads of different brands of moisturisers etc. for birthday and Christmas, so decided to use them instead.

Almost instantly, my skin felt as though it was burning and became really spotty and dry skin patches appeared all over my forehead.

I’ve now switched back to Lucy Bee and gifted all my other skincare to friends and family who can use them. For me, it’s Lucy Bee all the way! I’ll never go back to using another skincare again! 🐝

The picture on the left is a week after switching back to Lucy Bee 💛 The one on the right is my poor little sore head.

I’ve always loved Lucy Bee and what she stands for and would highly, highly recommend her skincare to anyone… the photos speak for themselves 🐝

(I’m not wearing makeup in either photo, the only difference is Lucy Bee) 💛

I do love all the products, but I think my favourite is the face scrub! It makes my skin feel SO lush and nourished!

Thank you for making my skincare look and feel so amazing!"
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