"As a first time mum with a newborn baby, I wasn't taking care of myself and my skin was feeling deflated and tired.
I decided to invest in myself and find time in the morning and evening to add in a skincare routine.
After using all my favourite Lucy Bee products for the last couple of months, my skin feels uplifted and feels so much healthier and hydrated thanks to my skincare routine!"
marnie skincare routine
Marnie uses the: Moringa & Pineapple Enzyme Face Mask, SPF 30 Face Serum, Brilliant Balm, Reviving Cleansing Cream, Hydrating Foam Face Wash, Vitamin C Illuminating Serum, Vitamin A Anti-Ageing Eye Serum, Radiance-Boosting Face Cream & Naturally Glowing Self-Tan Drops
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