"I wanted to share a quick review on my experience with using Lucy Bees Skincare. It’s been a year that’s I’ve been using the full range now. Long enough for me to stand fully behind what I’m about to share

I’ve been pregnant and had a baby during this time, experienced lockdown and a huge shift in hormones after becoming a mum. This skin care has been a game changer for me. Calming my newly flush skin, moisturising me when my skin gets dry and cleansing my skin like nothing I’ve experience before. I swear the tonic is AMAZING!

Here is a picture of me last Friday after my Microneedling with Radio Frequency treatment. Fresh as a daisy. I’ve never been this calm afterwards and the recovery from my skin has been amazing. I believe my Lucy Bee skincare regime has been the making of that.

Thanks again for providing such an amazing, eco friendly and accessible skin care range."
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