"I just wanted to say, thank you! 
I’ve slowly started to build up the products I own from you but I just wanted to say (as well as thank you) I absolutely adore them, they’re the only ones that I use now and I recommend them to everyone!
The SPF 30 is the perfect addition to my routine (now I know how to use it properly 😜).
I have got to 38 and finally found what works for me and as a sufferer of rosacea, receiving compliments on my skin is an amazing feeling and I can say without any doubt, that it’s all down to Lucy Bee skin care products.
I’m going out today with only mascara and brow products and I’m feeling confident in doing so. Below is a selfie of me today, showing the cheek where my rosacea has been known to crack and bleed on numerous occasions. 
I’m also so pleased that the Tonic now comes in the sachets too, as the staples of my routine, it’s so handy to have the Reviving Cleansing Cream, Exfoliating Tonic and Radiance-Boosting Face Cream in the sachets to take with me when I go away because I can tell when I don’t use them, even for just a couple of days! 
Keep up the good work!"
Laura rosacea review
Products used: Reviving Cleansing Cream, Exfoliating Tonic, Radiance-Boosting Face Cream, Brilliant Balm, SPF 30 Face Serum, Vitamin A Eye Serum, Vitamin C Serum.
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