"I’ve been using the Radiance-Boosting Cream for a few weeks now. I decided to try this as I suffer with rosacea and have terrible flare-ups that are so sore and really affect my mental state too.
I take medication to relieve flare ups but still the redness and dry/sore skin remains. 

My skin feels great at the moment and that is down to the soothing and replenishing properties of your moisturiser. 
It’s my birthday this month so I will definitely be treating myself to some more products, starting with the tonic!

The pictures show me at:
1: Flare-up stage no medication 
2: After 4 week course of medication
3: Using Lucy Bee Radiance- Boosting Cream

I can now wear cc cream and not heavy foundation that further irritates my condition.
Thank you so much!!!"
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