“I wanted to share my progress with you as I am so thankful for your amazing products! 
I have always had problematic skin and been scared to use anything on it as it would always result in an outbreak or contact dermatitis. I even went to see a dermatologist who gave me samples to try which resulted in a reaction. I have been desperate to get into a good health care regime as I had resorted to using only water on my face and no other products what so ever. 
Whilst I had been using steroid cream prescribed by my doctor to tackle my dermatitis which would return whenever I stopped using it. I decided I needed to stop using steroids due to the long term effects and continue my search in finding something my skin liked.
I am a huge fan of your food and soap range and was desperate to give your skin care a try and all I can say is wow you have saved me! I have not used steroid cream ever since I started using your cleanser and moisturiser!!”

Update 3rd June 2020
"Hey Lucy! I hope you’re managing to stay well and sane during this awful time! 

I’ve sent you a review before for my skin care and with my second order I tried the toner! I just wanted to say it makes a massive difference and completes the set beautifully really giving that healthy glow ✨

this is where I started... And this is now

My skin has never looked better!! Love the glow ✨

I’m now confident enough to go out without a scrap of makeup on! Which is not like me as it’s my job! And often I would hide behind it!

Just wanted to express my gratitude again 😘"

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