“The results are in for the @lucybeecoconut naturally glowing self-tan drops, it's a winner!
I applied 2-3 drops onto my skin without the moisturiser and the colour has developed beautifully, I don't look like an orange and there wasn't that awful biscuit aroma you get with so many other tans.
I didn't use gloves or a mitt, I just washed my hands straight after. I was so impressed that there was zero staining too, normally you get some around the cuticles or between your fingers but there was nothing.
This morning I was able to wear a touch of bronzer and mascara and that was it which was a godsend as it's roasting .
As I've gotten older, now in my 40's cough cough. I have started to develop some pigmentation and melasma on my face so I haven't been as confident to go completely make up free, but these drops give such a nice colour that I'm happy with just the bronzer or blush. #vegan”
Skincare review for natural Fake Tan
Skincare review for Fake Tan
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