"Sharing a few before and after photos.
The first is the day before I started using the products, the second pic is after a week, then after a month, then after two months.
I’ve been using the cleanser, tonic and moisturiser for a couple of months and the difference in my skin is amazing.
I’ve always had difficult skin and even at 36 was still bothered with acne. Even if I get the occasional breakout now, it seems to clear up so much more quickly. I can’t recommend these products enough.
I’ve read a few comments commenting on the price...based on the rate I’m using it (morning and night everyday), I’ve worked out the cost as less than 80p a day. Think of all the things you spend money on (in normal times when we’re out and about!) coffees, glasses of wine, clothes etc. 80p a day for something you’re wearing 24/7 feel like a good deal!
I love that by buying Lucy Bee products I’m supporting a small business supplying ethically made skincare. I can’t wait to try new products due to come out in the range soon!"
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