"I cannot thank you enough for these products, they have changed my skin and given me my confidence back!!
I’m not one to normally leave reviews but the Lucy Bee skincare range deserves all the praise!
I have suffered with hormonal acne throughout my teens and early 20s. I’ve tried all of the prescribed medications and remedies (except roaccutane) and nothing helped. I was a sucker for giving into the adverts which promoted products to cure acne, none of them worked. I’ve wasted hundreds of pounds trying anything I could. Then I found Lucy Bee and I’m so happy I did!
Over the past 2 months I have been using her range and WOW! My skin has honestly never felt better. Since using Lucy Bee skincare I’ve had very little breakouts, my skin is super hydrated and acne scarring is reducing.
It’s amazing to use a product which is not only amazing for your skin, but also sustainable and eco-friendly! I can’t wait to put my next order in!“
Thank you so much again,

Ps - The top 3 pictures were at the start of me using your products, the bottom 3 were taken yesterday. I hope this helps someone else who also suffers with acne like I have."
Skincare review
Skincare Before and After
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