"I cannot recommend the Lucy Bee products enough..
I’ve tried and loved so many (the Moringe & Pineapple Enzyme Face Mask is decadent, Vitamin A Anti-Ageing Eye Serum and Vitamin C Serums - LIFE CHANGING! I adore the Radiance-Boosting Face Cream and Tan Drops.. the list goes on), and cannot wait to try more in my next order (Face Wash, Dazzling Tonic)
I might be a little obsessed in building my Lucy Bee collection (don’t tell my husband!)
Thank you for the confidence to take a makeup free selfie"
Ashleigh uses the: Moringa & Pineapple Enzyme Face Mask, Vitamin C Illuminating Serum, Vitamin A Anti-Ageing Eye Serum, Radiance-Boosting Face Cream, Brilliant Balm, SPF 30 Face Serum, Naturally Glowing Self-Tan Drops and Naturally Glowing Self-Tan Mousse
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