Updated 29th September 2021 
"I just wanted to update you on my skincare journey, using your products.
I use the Radiance-Boosting Face Cream every day and the Vitamin-Rich Sweet Glow Face Scrub once a week, also the Tan Drops twice a week!
I’ve been using your products for about 5 months now and safe to say they have literally saved my skin and I can’t thank you enough"
First review 26th May 2021
"I just wanted to share with you how much I really love your products and I think they’ve helped me!
My skin has always been so sensitive to anything I’ve used, and I also have acne prone skin.
However I’ve been using your face scrub, and brightening cream for around 3/4 weeks and I think they’ve really helped my skin!
I’m just left with red marks that I’m hoping will fade over time!
Thank you!💙 "
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