"Here's a few pics of the tan, before and after. I am absolutely loving it and just wish I'd tried it sooner! Telling all my family, friends and customer about it as I just can't get over the results!
The smell is just beautiful, the best I have ever smelt, so tropical and natural. I love that it uses natural DHA, as a holistic therapist and organic skincare consultant, no nasty ingredients is so important to me. I also turned 40 last year and am making a conscious effort to choose skincare products that do not contain aging ingredients, as well as being cruelty free.
I am over the moon with the results too! Goes on smoothly and doesn't look patchy when first applied like many of the mousses I have tried. I love being able to head out with fresh tan applied. Once it washes off it leaves the most gorgeous natural colour, just right! Dark enough to look like a holiday tan but no orange tango tan or horrible smell! It fades gradually and best of all, will no patching, which so many others I've tried do. We had a bit of a staycation last week and were in the hot tub every day. That week the tan faded a little quicker but lasted so much longer than my previous tanning products have on any past water filled holidays! 
I'm just in love with this product, thank you so so much for making it!! After over 20 years of never being 100% (or even 80%!) happy with my fake tan, I can honestly say this is a game changer for me and I will never be without my Lucy Bee tan again!"
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