What’s in our Hydra-Bod Body Cream

Get ready for softer, hydrated and illuminated skin with our Hydra-Bod Body Cream. The skin on your body needs as much TLC and attention as the skin on your face, which is why we have created this super-hydrating cream! 

Coconut Oil

What more can we possibly tell you about coconut oil? It's really moisturising, lightweight, natural, sensitive skin friendly, super hydrating... The list is endless!



There’s a reason this ingredient is so popular! It’s really lightweight and is an effective emollient, which means it’s great at helping to retain skin moisture and prevent water loss, leaving your skin looking supple and glowing.



This magical ingredient helps to transform UV rays into a source of light that radiates directly from the skin to make it look illuminated, younger and healthier. It comes from a yellow flower Verbascum thapsus which has been studied for its luminescent properties. It also protects the skin against oxidative stress caused by environmental factors.


Natural Betaine

Another ingredient that helps to keep your skin hydrated. It is a natural amino acid derivative which has a strong water binding capacity to ensure the retention of skin moisture.


Vitamin E

An antioxidant and also helps to nourish the skin.


Shea Butter

Helps to keep your skin nourished and soft.


Our Hydra-Bod is

  • COSMOS Natural 
  • Vegan 
  • Cruelty Free 
  • Palm Oil Free
  • Ethical Best Buy  
  • Fragrance Free
  • Safe to use during pregnancy

How to use:

Simply rub the cream between hands and apply all over your body. Massage gently into the skin, paying particular attention to dry areas.

Top Tip: Moisturise straight after a bath or shower to really lock that hydration in!


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About Lucy Bee

Lucy Bee is a lifestyle brand selling food, skincare and soap products all completely free from palm oil and with minimal use of plastic. Lucy Bee is concerned with Fair Trade, organic, ethical and sustainable living, recycling and empowering people to make informed choices and select quality, natural products for their food and their skin.

Any information provided by us is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. We always recommend referring your health queries to a qualified medical practitioner.

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