Tips to Combat Anxiety

The world is an uncertain place right now and with that being the case, it is totally understandable that you might be feeling anxious, worried or stressed.  Here are a few practices and suggestions which help us, so we hope they help you too.  

Breathe Baby Breathe:

Taking a few moments to consciously slow down the breath and breathe into your belly is one of the most effective ways of helping to calm the nervous system.  Making the breath regular (i.e. in for 4, out for 4) helps to remind your body that you are safe and well.

When the breath is erratic and high in the chest, it elicits a stress response and you essentially go into a low-level fight or flight mode.  Practicing the technique above helps to activate the parasympathetic nervous system (think parachute) creating a state of rest and digest - allowing the body to calm down and heal. 

Mindful Moments:

Having regulated the rhythm of your breath, take some time to turn your focus inwards.  Try to focus on the present by connecting to what is happening exactly at this moment in time.  What can you hear, smell, feel?  What is the state of your mind?  What emotions are you noticing?  It takes discipline and practice, but the more you do it, the more you will benefit.  Through this technique we can stop obsessing over the past or worrying about the future (both things we cannot control) and become more alive and engaged in the here and now. 

Another beautiful aspect of mindfulness is that through the act of observation, we can become aware of any patterns in our thought processes.  This awareness is the first step in removing the attachment to external factors which cause fear and anxiety.

Move Your Body:

A really good way of getting out of negative headspace is to get into your body.  Move, stretch, shake everything out.  A practice like yoga will allow you to incorporate all of these things I’m talking about - unifying the breath with mindful movement to really get you out of that funk and in line with your inner calm.

Connect From Your Heart:

At a time where we can’t be together physically, there is fortunately a lot that we can do to stay connected to those we love.  As beings, we need connection to live and to thrive, so make sure that you reach out to people, ask them how they are doing and extend kindness to them. Chances are, if you’re feeling worried a good chat with a friend will help to improve your mood and if it doesn’t, perhaps the fact that you have lifted theirs will make you feel better. 

Get Some Fresh Air:

With the current restrictions on going outside, I think it’s heightened our appreciation of how much we need it.  And we absolutely do.  We’re hardwired to be lifted by connection to the natural world.  Turn your devices off and get immersed.  You can even incorporate some mindfulness whilst you’re outdoors - really take in the detail of your surroundings. The sounds, the smells, the natural beauty of the outdoors.  It may not be possible for you to go out at the moment but the sky is always interesting.  Look up. 


Check out Trish’s breathing video here.



Trisha is a yoga teacher and founder of The Remedy, a company created with the intention of helping people to feel better in their head, heart and spirit.  The main hope is that The Remedy contributes to the creation of a more compassionate culture.  For more information visit or follow on Instagram @theremedyworks

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