Tips for the Perfect Tan

Self-tanning is easier than you might think and our Naturally Glowing Self-Tan Mousse looks SO real that by avoiding tanning mistakes on application, nobody will know it’s fake!

Master these hacks and everyone will be tan-envious all year round! Once you get the hang of it, tanning will be a breeze 


  • Exfoliate your face the night before tanning with the Exfoliating Tonic to remove dry skin and/or unwanted tan
  • Use half to one pump maximum for the face
  • Make sure you apply the tan all the way up to the hairline
  • Ensure you sweep remaining tan over ears, including the backs of your ears
  • If you have light hair, then consider applying a small barrier to the hairline and eyebrows to prevent staining – coconut oil works well!
  • If you’re after a more subtle colour, then our Tanning Drops are perfect for a sun-kissed tan

Torso and Arms

  • Nobody to tan your back? Find yourself a wooden spoon, place the mitt over the top and secure with a hairband
  • Underarms – make sure you have NO deodorant on or perfume when applying the tan, do a gentle once over under the armpit, but you hardly want anything on the mitt for this
  • Apply a little moisturiser to your elbows. Use leftover tan on the mitt to do the elbows and the inside of the elbow. You don’t want to put much tan here or let it build up
  • Hands – apply tan from the arm downwards, towards the hand with gentle strokes. Make sure you open up the fingers and make a claw with your hand to get into all the finger creases. You can watch a video on how to tan your hands here
  • You can also use a makeup brush on your hands if you prefer to buff the tan in
  • If tan gets on your nails, use the Lucy Bee Tonic to remove it, or a tan remover to avoid staining


  • Exfoliate and shave the night before to avoid tan getting into hair pores and causing little dots
  • Apply a small amount of moisturiser on the knee, heels and dry areas on feet before tanning
  • Gently go over the knee without too much tan on so it avoids build up, make sure you bend it to get into all areas
  • Feet and ankles – apply tan from the leg downwards, towards the feet with gentle strokes. Take your time with it and don’t rush. Be sure to cover ankles, and heel including the creases.
  • You can also use a makeup brush on your feet if you prefer


Happy tanning!

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