The Importance of Water

It’s important that we stay hydrated, especially when you consider that two thirds of our body is water. Water plays an essential role with functions including: 

  • Transporting nutrients to cells 
  • Maintaining cell function 
  • Removing waste 
  • Maintaining body temperature 



Our body produces hormones to control when we urinate, as well as to signal thirst. 

Our brain is 73% water, and if we don’t stay hydrated it can leave us feeling tired; give headaches; impact concentration; and feeling lightheaded. Staying hydrated also helps to prevent constipation; UTIs; and kidney stones. Hydration is also vital in helping maintain the functioning of our organs (including lungs, heart, kidneys and skin). 

So How Much Water Should You Aim For?  

It is guided that we drink 6-8 glasses a day (around 2L). Exercise and hot weather increase the amount of water that you need, as they both increase the amount of sweat that you produce and therefore loss of fluids. One way to check to see how hydrated you are is to check your urine, which should be a straw to a pale-yellow colour, and any darker than this indicates dehydration.  

Your water intake doesn’t just come through drinking water alone. Food intake usually accounts for 20% of fluid intake, and you can also get fluids through coffee, tea, milk and fruit juices - although fruit juices should be limited to 150ml per day due to sugar content, and caffeine can have a diuretic effect (increases urination). 



Tips for staying hydrated: 

  • Carry around a reusable water bottle and keep refilling it  
  • Add fruits and herbs to water to flavour it (cucumber, lemon, mint, ginger, orange, berries, apple, peach) 
  • Drink herbal teas  
  • If you forget to drink water, it's a good idea to keep a tab of how many glasses (bottles) you’ve had, and try and consciously drink some water when you may start to feel thirsty 
  • If it's warm, freeze fruits and then place them into your drink (like ice cubes), as they’ll keep your drink cold, but also add flavour!  

Daisy, MSc PGDip ANutr, is a Registered Associate Nutritionist with a Master's Degree in Public Health Nutrition, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Eating Disorders and Clinical Nutrition, both of which are Association for Nutrition (AFN) accredited. She, also, has a BSc degree in Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience; and has completed an AFN accredited Diet Specialist Nutrition course.

Daisy has worked for an NHS funded project, the Diabetes Prevention Programme; and shadowed a nutritionist in Harley Street. 

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