Six Holiday Beauty Tips from Lucy

My Favourite Beauty Tips for Holidays

How frustrating is it when you're packing for a holiday and limited to the amount of new clothes, shoes and other exciting new bits and bobs you have to fit into that one suitcase with restricted weight? It can be almost impossible to make room for all your bits without your case weighing too much and you still have so much more to pack!

Well luckily for you, I’ve come up with some ways to save weight on all your beauty products AND make room for those extra things you’d like to squeeze in (or even for your shopping from holiday!)

How to Save Weight on Your Luggage

I recently went away with a friend and for once was under in weight!!! My friend was over and all due to the two bags full of her toiletry essentials – well, maybe some not so essential beauty products you want with you while you’re away!

So how can you do this, I hear you ask? Here are my six top tips – ways to use Lucy Bee while on holiday:


Lucy Bee makes the best after-sun. It’s high in vitamin E which is really hydrating for the skin and helps nourish it too. The lauric acid in Lucy Bee (approximately 48%) means it’s full of antioxidants and helps with the effects of ageing while also softening the skin.

Meg Lucy Bee after sun

Shaving cream

Simply apply a thin layer to the area you want to shave. I find this works really well and the added bonus is that after using it, you don’t need to moisturise because it leaves your skin hydrated

Make-up remover

This has to be one of my favourite uses for Lucy Bee. Being completely natural, raw and organic makes it’s the perfect product to use on your face and eyes. It’s amazing at taking all make-up off, even waterproof mascara. I like to apply a tiny amount afterwards onto my lashes to help nourish and strengthen them and at the same time, helping them to grow

Hair mask

Massage through your hair, from the roots to the ends. Then, leave in for as long as possible. You may find it best to tie your hair into a bun and you can even sleep in it. This gives your hair a lot of TLC and in the morning wash thoroughly with warm water, two shampoos and one conditioner. I try do this twice a week and have found my hair condition is so much better and have really noticed a difference.

A hair serum

No need to worry about that flyaway holiday hair anymore! All you need is a tiny amount (smaller than a pea) warmed through your fingers. You really don’t even want to see it! Apply with your fingers, through the ends or fly away bits that need to be tamed!

Cuticle care

As I’ve already mentioned, Lucy Bee is antibacterial, anti-fungal and high in vitamin E, making this the perfect product for cuticles. Their purpose is to protect the nail, so when using a small amount of Lucy Bee massaged into them every day, it will help to soften them, making it easy to push them back. It also helps to nourish them which will help with the condition of the nail and then strengthen them.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this and, perhaps more importantly that it helps you to save money and stress in not being over-weight in your suitcase luggage!

Happy Holidays,




Lucy, CIBTAC accredited beauty therapist. 

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