Are the Lucy Bee Skincare Products Safe to Use Whilst Pregnant?

Every single product that we produce is formulated with natural ingredients and is independently tested and approved pregnancy and breastfeeding safe.



Give yourself the ultimate glow with our Self-Tan Mousse and Drops. Using Natural DHA to give your skin a sunkissed glow.



Cleanse your skin from SPF, makeup and daily impurities with our selection of cleanser. All are unscented and dermatologically approved for sensitive skin, perfect for when your skin might be feeling a bit more irritated. This includes our Natural Hydrating Foam Face Wash, Reviving Cleansing Cream and Brilliant Balm (which can also be used as a hydrating bump balm).


Exfoliating products include our Exfoliating Tonic with AHA and PHAs and Moringa and Pineapple Enzyme Face Mask, which help to unclog pores and leave skin smoother and brighter.



Keep skin plump and hydrated with our Radiance-Boosting Face Cream, packed with soothing and skin protecting ingredients to leave your skin nourished and moisturised.


Vitamin-rich serums including our Vitamin C Illuminating Face Serum to enhance your complexion, along with our SPF 30 Face Serum and broad-spectrum UVA & UVB protection sunscreen with hyaluronic acid.



With our Natural Deodorant to help soften the delicate underarm area, as well as protect from odour. 

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Are the Lucy Bee Skincare products safe to use whilst pregnant? YES! 

All of the Lucy Bee Skincare range is safe to use whilst pregnant, from our skincare, to our deodorant to our tan 💖

Pregnancy safe skincare and body care.

If you are unsure we always recommend speaking to your health care practitioner for personalised advice 

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About Lucy Bee

Lucy Bee is a lifestyle brand selling food, skincare and soap products all completely free from palm oil and with minimal use of plastic. Lucy Bee is concerned with Fair Trade, organic, ethical and sustainable living, recycling and empowering people to make informed choices and select quality, natural products for their food and their skin.

Any information provided by us is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. We always recommend referring your health queries to a qualified medical practitioner.

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