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Hi Shari,

All of our products are aluminium free, including our natural deodorant. For packaging we do use aluminium for the lids of some of the products and also the Cleansing Cream is in a aluminium tube.

I hope this helps and if you have any other questions please let us know

Lucy Bee

Just ordered my first face wash from you and have been reading about your tonic – and the importance of using a good SPF product afterwards… have you any thoughts on producing these… because that would be great! I would then love to swap to using all your face cleansing products! Very happy about the avoidance of plastics etc… and well done on the Ethical Consumer Best Buy award!! Keep up the good work!


hi did you say there is almuminim in these products? thank you


I bought the Lucy bee package for facial and self tanning products, I’ve used the facial range for the last week and have to say they are the best products I used in a long time! I have tried so many and always breakout in spots or lumps but with this Product I haven’t, my skin is smooth and radiant and I’m committed to using it daily morning and evening :) huge big thumbs up from me.

I have also just used the self tanning today and I have never used a self tan before but my gosh this is so simple to use and the instructions and videos you have are great 👍 I love it and I look lightly tanned as only wanted to use a little to start with but sun kissed at -3 is fab and it wasn’t sticky, doesn’t smell horrible and my skin looks lovely and feels smooth. Thank you 🙏 I will be coming back once I have used these products up, as I highly rate them. 😃

Elaine macgregor

Hi Lucy

I recently bought your skin care range. My skin wasn’t looking good with lots of stress breakout spots and was generally looking dull but now after using Lucy Bee my skin is glowing. I don’t really need to wear foundation or BB cream. My skin really has never felt or looked so good. I’ll be placing my second order very soon. Well done on your success. I always find you such an inspiration. Keep up the good work.

Sandra Hilsdon

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